Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Danang's best - Vietnamese iced Coffee ...

I have perhaps discovered the best coffee in the whole wide world. It may not be Starbuck's class, but it is definitely in a class of it's own. Behold the Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

This little delightful discovery was made in Da Nang, Vietnam last year on our annual birthdays cum anniversary family trip out of the country. I mean, I have always known that Vietnam has wonderful coffee, I just didn't have the opportunity to savor and appreciate it back when we visited Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh in 2014 (at the time, 5 months pregnant, no caffeine more than a mug a day).

1 part coffee, 1 part milk. Not just any coffee, specially brewed Vietnamese coffee. And not just any milk, Vietnamese own special condensed milk. Apparently, the milk is part of the secret. I tried using Malaysian owned Susu Cap Junjung, nope, didn't even come close.

Even though it's half-half, the taste is not even sweet, yet just the right bitter-sweet or 'kaw' that I would look for anywhere. Man, I still wish I'm in Danang now where I can have it every morning.
Even my little girl loves it. We had a last cup at the airport on the way back to Malaysia, and Sasa practically drank half of mine. Good girl.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee on the beach, by the pool, anytime anywhere. Oh by the way, this is a really late post. Maybe when Malaysia Airlines fly to Danang someday soon, I'll return here to get my daily dose. Till then. (pictures are strewn here and there ... sorry. Blogging on the go).


  1. Must be really good. Vietnam, influenced by French in term of food and drinks. Am sure their special brewed coffee is as good as any franchise coffee.

    Lol. Your girl also love coffee. Really little coffee girl.

    1. Oh it is VERY good, one that any coffee lover would appreciate. I'm not sure about other franchise coffee, because in Danang u can order the Vietnamese iced coffee (must say in full or salah order) anywhere, normal shops, at hotels, cafes, by the street. Can't go wrong. And yes my little girl is following mommy's steps soon. Haha

  2. Replies
    1. memang best! tapi maok ke sia minumnya. mun dah keluar dari Vietnam dah kurang nyamannya haha

  3. so cute. like mother like daughter. hehe.


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