Monday, May 29, 2017

Where Borneo Begins...

I have set foot at that very spot -- which according to historians, geographers, surveyors, cartographers, forestry experts etc -- is Where Borneo Begins. This place is located at the remote and idyllic Tanjung Datu, accessible via Sematan in Lundu District. A landmark in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, according to experts, this is the westernmost tip of Sarawak.

Landmark - Where Borneo Begins...

Now to get here, one could either take a one-hour boatride from Sematan Long Jetty passing through the seasides of Kampung Telok Melano and Tanjung Datu National Park, to reach the shore of Tanjung Datu. Or in my case - we took an alternative route which included a 45min drive via the underway Pan Borneo Highway from Sematan town to Kampung Telok Melano, then another 20min boatride from the jetty of Kampung Telok Melano to Tanjung Datu shores.

 Boatride to Tanjung Datu via bautiful turquoise open sea...
It was a worktrip, hence the roadtrip. On a sidenote, the Pan Borneo Highway on this side of the highway is progressing rather well, in my opinion.

Pan Borneo Highway in progress...
And to reach that spot, one must hike for at least 15 - 20 mins up a jungle trail. There's no way you can get there without sweating it out a bit. :-) So be prepared to wear at least a comfortable pair of hiking shoes. The trail is not difficult at all, just imagine yourself going into the jungle looking for wild mushrooms or truffles or bamboo shoot. *saya anak kampung so ini macam a walk in the park sajalah =)*


You see... Given, this place has huge tourism potential. And yet, it saddens me that not much has been done to make the place more known to the world. While I might have my doubts about the geographical authenticity, it is only because of how we seem to be treating this national treasure and world landmark. The trees are overgrown and nearly hid the photo-worthy platform while the trails leading to it might as well be trails leading to God knows where. Perhaps they want to maintain its natural state... I however half disagree because there are no proper indications that this is what it is supposed to be "WHERE BORNEO BEGINS". I mean, there's nothing else to see beside that, so it might as well be amazing right?

A memory worth keeping...
We have a lot to learn from our neighbor who has the other Tip of Borneo. But let's leave that aside while I glory in the fact that I have reached Borneo end to end! Wohoo! More on The Tip of Borneo soon.

P/s: We actually wanted to reach the Lighthouse which is a further 15min hike from this spot, the whole point of the work-visit, but that's irrelevant to this post.=)

And with that I declare myself back from blog hiatus! Yay!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world Coffeegirl and looking forward to more of your posts

    Your trip to Where Borneo Begins reminds me of my trip to Golden Triangle

    When I was at the Golden Triangle (where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet) about 20 years ago, it was such a splendid, wonderful, unique and mixed feelings for me

    1. Hi Libby! Thank you. :-) The Golden Triangle? Wow I would live to visit there some day. Maybe this coming year end!

  2. This is an interesting post about Borneo which I have grown to like after making several trips to Sarawak and Sabah. I need to cover Brunei and Kalimantan too.

    Are you kidding that you are back from blogging hiatus?? You have said that before and went back to hibernate like a green tortoise. Wakakakaka

    1. You should visit this place in Sarawak, and end it at the Sabah tip of Borneo. :-)
      And yes I am back! Haha i hope to stay longer this time. Haha and thank you for always supporting me

  3. welcome back sis. wow, nice blog entry. someday (maybe) i'd like to go to this cool place.

    1. Thank you Adi! You should go! Altho you may need a guide to go there, for security and safety reason. :-)

  4. I have not been there before . It's nice to see the plavce through your eyes.

    Hahaha blog hiatus. Me too. but am getting more and more lazy

    1. Thank you! first person account is the best.
      And yes am doing my best to stay consistent with the blog. Lol.


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