Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's 2017! Helllloooo!

My my how time flies when you're not blogging much anymore. And look it's already 2017! Hello Hello Hello lovelies and Happy New Year You You You and You!

 2017, we are OK!

Gotta say I miss blogging and I must say there has been numerous times in the past few months that I tried to make a comeback but words simply won't come although there are so many things I can blog about. Perhaps I just lost my mojo, or perhaps I forgot how to be readable again, or perhaps I was simply busy. Yes you know, with work, a toddler, a house to keep, work travel etc., pretty much the same stuffs a lot of you are experiencing out there too, except in my case, blogging became neglected and the more I leave it behind, the more rusty I get.

But let's try anyway, okay?

A little update:
1. Celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary on 14 Dec. Going strong.

2. My baby girl turned 2 on 16 Dec. That made her a toddler now, and as per the airlines, no more an infant, so she is entitled to her own seat, although she kept insisting on sitting in my lap throughout flights in and out. She has now learned to talk and her pronunciation is getting clearer everyday although sometimes she still indulges in her baby talk -- the one where she just open her mouth, speak incoherently rolling her tongue with every word. Cute actually, something I'll miss soon. Her understanding of things also improved a lot.

Briskwalking along Danang's Port Front....

3. Celebrated my birthday on 22 Dec in Danang, Vietnam. Officially a year older and well, age is catching up so there are no time to dilly dally anymore.

Surprise complimentary cake from the hotel in Danang...

4. Yes, we travel to Danang, Vietnam before the Christmas holidays. Fell in love with Vietnamese iced coffee, the best I've ever had ever. I even learned how to make my own while there -- was really so easy. Except here back home, the taste isn't the same. Must be the condensed milk that we use. Danang was a much better city than Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi (I've been to both previously), the food and coffee here is sooooo much nicer. Although in their defence, I was 5 months along when we went to the later 2 cities so my appetite and food adventure were repressed. I'll blog more about Danang soon!

5. Weight loss journey has been coming along slow but surely too. Gaining my pre-baby weight is acceptable, although that is still considered overweight by the BMI calculator. So this year I'm extending the journey to get my ideal weight again (again as in the last time I weight according to my height and gender was like when I was a teenager. Hah.) No strenuous exercise, no complicated calorie counting (suck at those), just a brief effort every day to do something fun and yet calorie burning. Go figure. As long as it takes baby!

2017 is going to be great! I can feel it! So let's move on along and take the year year by storm! Have a good week ahead you you you and you!

Signing off for now,
Coffee Girl