Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Apprentice...

Geez I have not been updating much at all. Malas ka apa *tone: questioning oneself*

Anyway, the year is fast coming to an end. Nothing big has happened so far, yet. By big I mean anything life-altering. Not that I am expecting anything big to happen, i.e.

Fast forward to today: I am currently in the process of recruiting my little otter to assist me in updating this blog, if possible, daily. Training process has been hands-on, extensive, full of eagerness, and not forgetting fun. So far I am pleased with the outcome. I should be able to reap the results in about 3-4 years time, all things considered.
The Apprentice undergoing extensive hands-on training...

It's almost coming to a wrap up, but hope you have/had a wonderful October everyone! Hahaha