Thursday, September 1, 2016

September cheer!

Heralding a new month is always exciting. And by the time you realise how much you didn't get to do, the month changes. Like, my previous post was on 1st August, and now it is 1st September and there was absolutely nothing in between. Oh well. There's 12 months in a year and it never seem to be enough either way. Funny isn't it. Although it is a very good thing that 'not enough time' means I had been occupying  my days doing worthwhile work and stuffs. So then there's nothing to regret. =)

Meanwhile, life must go on. I set on about trying to compose a poem for this entry, but it began to sound so lame that I abandoned that route for lack of a better rhyming skill. Well till next entry then!

Happy September everybody! May the Good Lord bless your days till the next month comes around!

Here's a good ol' simple breakfast to herald in September! <3


  1. The best breakfast ever!!

    Happy September. Life is the same to me except blogging makes me happy and sane amidst the family commitment. ^^

  2. Hello!!

    It's already September!! Time sure flies right?? Few more months before we welcome a brand new year!! OMG!

  3. Two half-boiled eggs for breakfast. I like!!!

  4. I have missed your blog posts. June and July were most trying months as my father was fading off. Now I am free like a September's bird being set free to live on my own. Everything is like a dream.


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