Friday, July 29, 2016

Some days are better than others...

And some days are just better with a cup of tea...

If you're going to have a cheat day, I always say, do it properly and make the most out of it so that should you ever regret it later, it was worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

P/s: A crazy week, and then an anticlimactic week, and then me... setting side coffee in place of tea. Some days I wonder should I continue referring to myself as Coffee Girl?


  1. having a cheat day ria dgn sushi dan nasi briyani kambing. oh my. ya kakan bena cheat day ahaha

  2. Tea some day is fine. But deep in your heart you know your love is coffee, right? ^^

    Love your little indulgence.

    Happy August to you, my dear friend.

    1. ya true, hahaha but sometimes we tukar selera bah =)


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