Monday, June 13, 2016

Side story...

I used to write really good posts... I mean, in my own standards, yes, I'd say they were good because when I go back to reading them, I get this 'wow, did I write that?' reaction from myself.

Lately however, I feel like I have lost the desire to write, to blog, stuffs that involve putting words down. I've lost my mojo.

Or perhaps, I have found something else better to do with my time. :-) than blogging.

This of course, will make me lose my followers, readers, fans (can I call some of you that please? ) and such... but sometimes sacrifice have to happen.

Meanwhile, you stay awesome. I will return when I return. I hope.

Have a good month ahead everyone!


  1. Understandable. You have family as main priority. Spending time with loved ones is a blessing. Blogging or writing can be backseat for now.

    I agreed with you. You have a wonderful writing skill and I enjoyed reading your old posts.

    1. Yes that is so true. Having my hands full now and I'm not complaining. And thank you for always leaving a comment, I truly appreciate it. <3

  2. I still go to your blog every now and then. And although I'll be like, "oh, Coffee Girl has yet to update this month?", I will be like, "well, now her role has change. And now she is not only a wife, or a daughter, she is also a mother." And on top of that is work. As I like to say, life happens. Appreciate all the moments that you share with your little family for it will not come again, especially when your little girl grows up (I speak as if from experience hahaha). Hope to read from you soon! ;)

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks for following, i told u that before right? :-) Yes life is going on as usual and routinely. ups, downs, good bad, part of the package. My baby is almost 2 yo now, how time flies. Anyway, don't go away Marcy! You take care ok muaaah!


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