Monday, May 23, 2016

Best Laksa Sarawak review pt 2: Laksa Sarawak udang galah ...

My Top 10 Best Laksa Sarawak places is still valid, but I have found yet another BEST LAKSA SARAWAK in Kuching! And to tell you the truth, this is by far, on the top of my list.

The place? Laksa Chef Ahid at the new Benteng Kubah Satok, next door to Kubah Ria. I came across Laksa Chef Ahid via an event I attended where he opened a stall for Sarawak Kitchen. I fell in love ever since. Not just because he serves mighty big and fresh tiger prawn (just the way I like it in my laksa) but also because his laksa gravy packs a punch. And what made history is that on the same day I discovered this guy, the YAB Prime Minister went all the way to sit at his table the same evening (it made the news lah of course) but it was coincidental. 

Chef Ahid operates a stall each at both New Benteng Kubah and Kubah Ria, with different operation hours. You can request for 'biasa' which is the normal portion you get with tiny shrimps and all for RM5, or you can request for 'udang galah' or special (why go for less) in which the price will differ according to weight/size of the udang galah. That means, in one average seating, I could be paying between RM10 - RM30, and I don't mind it at all. =) You can't really put a price on yy love for Laksa Sarawak.

The best thing about Chef Ahid laksa? I can have them at any time I want (unless past 10pm i.e)! And the second best thing? It's close to home and that means I don't have to drive all the way to Stutong for Fat Cat's laksa!

A whopping Rm25! - This one is at Kubah Ria, the stall at the end near the BBQ stall.

And another version! - This one is at Benteng Kubah Satok. 

Operation hour (if I'm not mistaken): 
Benteng Kubah: 8.00am - 2.00pm
Kubah Ria: 11.00am - 10.00pm


  1. The udang is so eye catchy!!

  2. I'll do without the prawns, RM30 can buy 1 kg at the wet market, cook and eat till kingdom come. Laksa, I am selective also - sometimes, with these big prawns, the taste is changed completely because of the over-powering prawn taste, very different from laksa as laksa should be.

    1. If I rajin only I do myself, but once in awhile, just want to pamper myself with really good udang. On the other hand, this laksa is enhanced by the taste of the udang, not overpowering at all for me. :-) You should try one day

  3. Gosh! Look good. I have never been there for food. Too far for me. hahaha!

    1. Well when ur nearby the area can drop by, altho they close in the daytime during Fasting month now. :-)


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