Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Short nothing...

So teruk lah me.

September 2015 absolutely no entry post.

October 2015 satu entry post.

November 2015 satu entry post.

December 2015 satu entry post.

January 2016 satu entry post.

February 2016 satu entry post. Well almost.

How la like dis?

Kelakar Bahasa Sarawak boleh sik? Nya camtok... Nak madah kita tok nak bertanding election PRN kotan busy gilak, sik juak. Nak madah malas, sik juak. Nak madah sikda idea, berlobor. So apalah alasan? Tangan sik cukup kali nak. Dah lejuk kali kitak orang nanga ku mintak maap sebab sik apdet. Sikpalah, apa boleh buat.

By the way, Tony Roma opened a branch in Vivacity Mall, Kuching. I only go there for the deep fried wild mushroom. :-) Not so much for its well known rib eye steak.

Anyway, this makes it 2 entry posts! We saved February!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And so it's February...

... and still I am not done being free a bit in my time to focus on writing and updating this blog here. Such promises, still none being kept, or followed through, let alone started on. Tsk tsk tsk.

How are you all doing? I've been feeling rather fat these past few months but still, I am thankful that I am healthy. Fat from all the good food and feeling content just makes me feel at ease.

I've been around town since January came along. Anticipating to be busier as the months unfold etc. But that's all good, just going with the flow, riding with the waves, embracing every moment of truth.

Oh nothing, just keeping a promise that I should enter at least one post a month, if I can help it. This here qualifies.

Till next short update.

Signing off.