Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prayers for 2016...

Hullo 2016 late as it may be tho'
Here are my wishes I'll have you know...
To pay what I owe
Return what I borrow
Befriend every foe
End whatever row

Careful what I sow
More rooms to grow
No space for sorrow
Real feelings to show

Enjoy the meadow
Out from the shadow
Welcome every tidal flow
Ride with the tempo

Less goodbye more hello
Love with true gusto 
From here on after so will I go
May bright and clear will be my tomorrow.


I may be 20 days late to wish everyone, but Happy New Year 2016 everybody! May the year be kinder to all of us, even treat us exceptionally nicer this time around, who knows?

On another note, 10 Jan was my 5th year Anniversary as Coffee Girl! Here's a Double Celebration on the 5th Year Existence! May my blog continue to breathe, live and let on! And be updated consistently. Fooh fooh! Amen!



  1. 2016 is sure to be a better year!!

  2. Gambar ya .. hahha.. why was I not made aware of its existence =P

  3. Amen.

    Happy New Year, happy blog-anniversary...get ready for Chinese New Year, will be hear soon!

  4. Happy new year, happy blog anniversary and I wish whatever you wish and hope for will come true.

  5. Happy new year~~~ semoga family makin besar dan happy sentiasa

  6. Kopi tu best dengan pisang goreng dan sambal kicap. No ubi rebus dgn sambal tumus dan ikan masin. Dah ada blog makan eh kak. Ke saya yg tak perasan. Anyway have a great 2016.

  7. Happy 2016 coffeegirl, 2016 will be a great year for us


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