Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December... my month of many celebrations!

Yes!! I turned a year older yesterday! A Year Wiser so the saying goes! Another number added to the 3 series. Yes I am getting very old! But wait for it...!! I celebrated in Penang! Why Penang? Because we just came back from Krabi - celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary AND our lil one's 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY! Penang was the stop-over, the anticlimax after the sun and food in Krabi! So yes it's a 3-in-1 Holiday Package! And we just got home today! I'm still a little bit jetlagged (kononnya) cause we had an early flight! Of course everybody slept! But me, cause the lil one slept on me so I must stay alert to be her steady pillow!

December is my favorite month!! We get to do this every year I hope! I hope lah! If the finance permits! Oh Why am I shouting! Hahaha! Cause I'm still excited!! Ahahaha! *crazy old birthday lady*
No cake... A hot coffee to go is very generous enough... *sans makeup*

Sorry sorry, must be the adrenaline rush from the morning travel and lacking sleep.

Anywayyyyyyyyy... This is a short one okay, because I haven't been blogging much and none at all in December, but I'll be back! Stay tune for the Holiday Trip review for the best tom yam found in the unlikeliest place and best/worst hotels!

Meanwhile, if you don't hear from me again after today till New Year, here's us wishing you:
Have a blessed holiday everyone! Love you bye!