Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello from the Otter side...

Oh Hello!

Have I been gone that long?

I try not to think too much about what to write these days because over-thinking things might end up with no writing being produced. Same goes to not giving any thoughts about what to write which will result in just sub-par quality entry. Who wants that, right?

Hence, this would perhaps justify leaving off blogging for a few long dry weeks and nearly two months of hiatus. But I am not one to give excuses since you all know I have an infant who will not be an infant anymore in a matter of weeks -- update: she will be 1 year old in exactly 3 weeks! - so yes, having a baby has definitely changed all my timetables and how I prioritize, and that is definitely not a bad thing. It's a miracle I still can't fathom even unto this day.

But enough about the glimpse into motherhood.

You see, having my time fully occupied has given me less time to sit and ponder about life in general, putting them in words, and publishing for people to read. There are so many current issues I wish I could touch on and yet words continue to fail me. Sometimes I think I am losing it -- the ability (if you can call it that) to write coherently and wisely (if not intelligently). Or perhaps I just need my mojo back, whatever it is and wherever it has gone to. Rome wasn't built in a day neither is a good piece of writing... but that's just me quoting lines trying to make myself feel better. 

Check and balance or so it's called: You gain some you lose some.You make some, you give some. You love some and you loath some. You come up you fall down. You live today you die tomorrow. And still life goes on just fine at the end of every day.

Before I get carried away, best to sum this entry in one sentence: I'll be back! * air fist-punch!*

Till then,
Coffee Girl.