Saturday, July 18, 2015

Holiday home-cook experiment ...

Since it's a long holiday Raya weekend, I thought it would be a good time to finally try out that pork belly with salted fish recipe I saw Rose did... She made it sound so easy, so yeah, I tweaked the recipe a little to suit whatever ingredient I had at hand and our taste buds.

My Ingredients:
1 strip of 3 layer pork, sliced to bite size
1 salted fish (I used ikan kembong... is that what it's called?)
Garlic and onion
Fresh chilli
2 tablespoon of fish sauce
1 tablespoon of Tong Nam soy sauce (for the colour only) --- of course must be Tong Nam
And a teaspoon of cornstarch diluted in a cup of water
Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing

My method:
- I fried the salted fish first until a bit crunchy. Taking it aside and using a fork, I shredded up the salted fish.
- Next, using the oil from frying the salted fish (the oil by now would have the smell and flavor of the salted fish, just the way I like it), fry the garlic and onion until fragrant, then add in the 3 layer pork. -- Mix, fry and then cover so it will cook on its own, for at least 5 minutes. Uncover, mix and fry, cover again until the meat becomes slightly tender, for perhaps another 5 minutes.
- Then add in the shredded salted fish and fresh chilli. Mix and then add fish sauce and soy sauce. Mix and then finally add in the diluted corn starch.
- Fry and cover for another 5 - 8 minutes. Or you can take a bite to see if the meat is done.
- Transfer to a plate and garnish.
- No salt or chicken stock needed. The salted fish would be all the seasoning you need. Next time I'll try Salted Ikan Tenggiri, it's smellier and nicer :D...

VOILA! My version of 3 layer pork with salted fish!

3 layer pork with salted fish...
Served best with steamed white rice and best eaten when fresh out of the wok. And because it's for dinner, I also dish up a simple easy-to-fix vege: steamed brinjal in chilli oil paste. These days I prefer to steam my vege because it's simpler, faster and healthier (and because I'm kinda lazy sometimes).

Just mix the ingredient (garlic, sliced brinjal, chilli oil paste, Maggie chicken stock powder, mustard oil) in a bowl, and steam for 20 minutes and voila! You may also opt to use olive oil for this steaming business. :-)
Steamed brinjal in chilli oil paste...

So there you have it... a no frill easy peasy home cooking. Who says cooking is hard? Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. 3 layer pork with salted fish looks yummy. gave me some ideas how to cook my next pork dish! ;D

  2. Orang malas macam saya said cooking is hard ;). Tapi mcm best jak, klak cuba.

    1. betambah nasi dibuatnya... lol... sikpat diet camtok...

  3. Wwll done Coffee Girl. Super delicious and appetizing right?? And I love your brinjal too. Usually I stir fry with mince meat.

    1. Yesssss indeed! cannot diet when eat like this hahaha. For the brinjal, I lazy to stir fry that's why I just used an electric steamer and leave it to cook. :)

  4. Yummmmmm!!!! That looks really good. Now I am drooling plus-plus! LOL!!! Brinjals look so sedap too!

    1. You can bet it is! =) esp when salted fish is around, i tend to tambah nasi... Tsk tsk tsk. I use electric steamer so easy to do the brinjal... Orang malas haha

  5. It looks good! :)

    I'm eyeing your brinjal more though. Haha. I ate too much pork belly over the weekend, feel a bit jelak dy, need 1-2 days till I can stomach pork again.

    I've always wondered about salted fish, not sure about the ikan kembong kind, but there are some that retails for RM40/kg and up. I wonder why it's so expensive, was told it's rare and has been fermented for a long time - is that true?

    1. Maybe that is the ikan tenggiri kind, the one that's very smelly but is really nice and salty which people use to make nasi goreng, porridge etc. Totally long time fermentation process and period, but im not sure. ikan kembong is the cheap and easily available kind :-)

  6. Both dishes i also love leh. I have the same tom and jerry plate as yours.

  7. Eh, I realize hor, all recipes from internet/youtube (especially youtube), they make it sound so easy.. I love that sam chang bak !! MIL always cooks this, and I can eat SO MUCH rice with the gravy alone! Lots of ginger and chillies too.. Very very nice..

  8. Hi Coffee Girl, Holy Smoke! I love this dish! And with salted fish? Habis cherita! Ini la da tentu tiga plates nasi lichin! Ha ha.
    I am impressed with your cooking, very high standard too.
    Today from what I heard from friends susa chari isteri can cook, most are the "eat out" type.
    Attractive women like you can cook this pork belly, worth their weight in gold.
    Where or how you learned to cook? Mom? Grandma?

    Actually if not for a girl who cooks, I would have been a bachelor much longer, making many girls happy instead of one, ha ha ha.
    She the only girl who invited me to her house cooking several of my favourite dishes. Habis cherita. Ha ha
    Have a nice day.
    PS, I love salted fish, tu ikan sepat my favourite!

  9. i need extra rice with the dishes please....


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