Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beautiful inside...

How do you define 'beautiful' in a harsh and judgmental world that we live in today? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself 'Am I beautiful?' Or is beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder?

I don't know. I don't call myself beautiful to begin with. But that's just some superficial thought and it is irrelevant anyhow. You can easily lose this face in the crowd, or don't remember it after the first glance. But that's not important at all. Because to have true physical beauty, you have to be either born with it or have it re-engineered at a later life stage. But true inner beauty is simply there and sometimes you don't even know you have it until circumstances and situations bring it out in the open. You either have them or you don't.

Whether you have or do not have beauty, there is no need to justify yourself. Here are some reasons to ponder should you ever have to ask yourself: "Am I beautiful inside?"

1) If you have a kind, good, generous heart (and that's not just merely saying your strength in the interview sheets), then you are beautiful.

2) If you love a child (or all children who you are in contact with) and are gentle with them, then you are beautiful.

3) If you show respect even when respect is lacking in the other person, chances are it's because you have inner beauty and you see something worth respecting in that person. You are beautiful.

4) If you are honorable, of mature and thoughtful character, sensitive to the needs of others, help people in desperate situation, then you are beautiful.

5) If you show respect and honor to your elders, especially your own parents, then you are beautiful.

6) If you see a starving, wet kitten meowing outside looking for food and shelter, and you take in the poor creature (or at least feed it before letting it go because it might be someone's), then you are beautiful.

7) If you shed a tear every time you read about an abused child, injustice done to women, an abandoned baby, an innocent bystander being killed or beaten for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, an innocence stolen, a life needlessly snuffed out, all the atrocities done to humanity, and you pray and hope for a world which recognizes peace (as hopeless as it may sound at the time), then you are beautiful.

8) If you act selflessly to correct a wrong, and to stand for the poor, the defenseless and the voiceless, then you are beautiful.

9) When you think of the welfare of others and do something to lessen their sufferings, then you are beautiful.

10) If you adopt an orphan, an unwanted baby, an abandoned child, a scared or traumatic child, a child of special needs, then you are indeed beautiful.

11) When you reach out and touch the hands of a scarred person, a disfigured person, a person whose body bears the ravages of diseases, because they need that human touch, then you are beautiful.

12) When you look at a picture of an ugly child and thinks he is absolutely beautiful

13) When you give aid to someone in desperate need of one without asking for something or insisting on nothing in return, and doing it quietly so no one will know or praise your for it, then you are beautiful.

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The list goes on. Some are perhaps too big or to handle, but focus on yourself and what is truly important for your soul. Being beautiful on the inside is perhaps all about having a heart with a heavy conviction. After all, inner beauty is paramount.


  1. What an inspiring post, Coffee girl. Hmm. Sometimes we tend to forgot those inner beauty and its qualities.

  2. I can clearly see that only a writer with a beautiful heart could pen these lines. Good for you.

  3. Yes, external beauty is only skin dip, superficial. Real beauty comes from within, not without. It is what we say and do...not what we look like.

  4. The reason of why you are simply unforgettable and beautiful in ur own way, is this .. Your writing. Your expression . so honest and straightforward from the heart. True beauty is from inside that will reflects the outside

  5. This is why you are beautiful and unforgettable.. You r writing.. It is so beautifully thought out and straightforward from the heart. True beauty comes from within and reflects the personality of a person..


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