Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Non fool proof weight loss plan...

I don't have any cut-out plans on how to lose weight, and neither do I join any of those paid weight-loss program. However, my short-term goal is to lose those extra post-baby kilos before Carissa turns 1 -- technically that's like 10 kgs give or take -- before December this year. The long-term goal is of course, to be fit and healthy, not so much to be slim lah. Konon.

I gotta start somewhere man.

So holding to one side the real fitness regime (to be mentioned at another time, i.e), here's my non-fool-proof plan when planning to lose weight...

1. Refrain from weighing yourself everyday. The digital scale cannot take it, and neither can your ego.
2. Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is, as the age-old saying says, most important meal of the day. Starving oneself will only result in an all-consuming needs to have food later.
3. A minimum of 15min exercise at least 3 days a week. Do or die.
4. Coke once in every 10 days. Good job! Coke in every 15 days. Great job! Coke was, of course, the catalyst that got me ballooned up during the pregnancy. Crazy Coke craving.
5. Join a support group. Or at least get another person to join you in your quest for smaller waistline.
6. 8 glasses of water everyday. Good job. 10 glasses of water everyday. Great job!
7. Minimum 5 days of home-cooked dinner in a week. Optional 2s are reserved for eat-outs.
8. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Rest is scarce and must always be enough. As a mom, i.e.
9. Take the stairs. Always. If you can help it.
10. Avoid looking at food pictures. Those visuals are very powerful to trigger appetite. For the same reason looking at sexy visuals will make you horny.


Already kick-started Day 1 of this journey yesterday with a 20 minutes jog+workout. Almost literally didn't break a sweat, after almost a year on sabbatical. Man! My fats must've been jolted from sleep and refuse to wake up!

But all things in a positive light. Just taking this one day at a time. So help me God.

Report in a months-time! Hehe


  1. Support you here, spiritually

  2. All the best! Great determination there, shy, i should be putting more effort too~, gaining extra kilos.

    1. Must have great determination, otherwise i'd be a white elephant. Lol. Thanks Irvine!

  3. Gambateh, you can do it.. How I lost weight lastime? I drank soya bean for a week, haha..

    1. Wah can survive on soya bean alone? oooo... and thanks!

  4. I would agree with you - as long as you're fit and healthy, that's what matters most.

    Ummm...No. 4 can go, no good lah...drinking Coke. I always end up with a terrible cough and will be very very sick - never touch it now. Oh? No. 10? So you're staying away from my blog? Hehehehehe!!!!!

    1. Hahaha no lah, how to stay away from your blog? It's in my subscription list. hahaha. Ya trying to stay away from Coke, but a bit hard esp when it's a really hot day kan?

  5. My wife lost over 20kgs in 2 years. She started off becoming a vegan and then dropped carbo out from her daily diet. Now I could easily order all the petite online dresses for her.

    1. that's 10 kg in a year? wow! i cant be a vegan overnight, I love meat too much LOL. But yes, the petite online dresses, how i envy your wife. Huhu


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