Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back at work...

[Note: Must update this. It's March. Sorry for the remiss.]

Been 15 days already since I came back to work after a three-month leave. Boy have I got a lot to catch up on and get used to all over again... waking up early, daily wardrobe battle, skipping home breakfast, getting caught in the morning traffic, hair woes etc... etc... etc... Workwise, I just need to refresh my memory and sharpen my skill once again.

The hardest part about coming back to work after a long official inactive existence is not the work. It's about being away from my baby for the first time after spending every second with her for the past 3 months. But I supposed if other working new mothers can do it, so can I. I just have to brave it every day and keep myself busy for the next 8 hours before rushing home to my little family.

Gotta look excited, right? =)

The kind of work I do however does not always include going home on the dot. In fact it also includes being away from home for a few days when the work requires it. I used to love traveling and going outstation or visit new places when I was single, because it was the only way I could escape from reality. The irony of it is of course the relaxing and soul searching part that I used to find when I did get away.

Now... I'm not sure how to put it. I still love traveling, it's just perhaps with a heavy heart.. .what's with it being left at home with the baby/daddy and all. However, if it's a holiday travel together, that would be a totally different thing. :D

How's the baby doing? She's fine! The first month was an adventure as clueless new parents, both us and the baby getting to know each other and setting up a routine (or upsetting a routine hahaha then reset). The second month was independence period, me learning to handle the baby on my own without my mom around. The third month was a revelation... when the baby begins to coo and smile and learning to recognize faces. Her sleeping routine though hasn't changed much.

And how is the daddy doing? He has been such a tremendous pillar of strength for me. Because we're doing this alone without staying-in parents or nannies or babysitters, he has been very involved with Carissa's development since day one. I must say he's such a natural with babies. :D He is even a pro at bathing an infant, trust me. Even Carissa love her bath time, judging from her cooing and smiles when she's in the tub with daddy holding her.

Baby-mommy leisure time at home... pardon the mess...
I miss one thing though... little baby otter moving in my womb actively for the past few months before her delivery. I tell her that every chance I get now. When I look at that adorable lovely face, I just couldn't fathom how such an amazing miracle ever lived in my belly for 10 months. The wonders of God.

So here I am.
Back at work.
Life goes on.
Happy to return.
Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!