Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Closing the year with a bang bang baby!

Some things feel like they happen too fast, and some things feel so slow in moving. And here we are calling for the curtain call to drop on the last show of the year. But hey, the year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on of a continuous adventure. 

Although a lot has taken place and so much has happened since the beginning of the year, here's the perfect closure for me... Baby Otter has arrived! And that officially made me and hubby a New Mommy and Daddy!

Our little bundle of joy, Miss Carissa Dhea was born on 16 Dec 2014 at 8.44am, weighing at 3.69kg. Yeah I know, she was quite a handful of a little bundle. LOL. Can't believe it's already 2 weeks and 1 day since that happened! As of now I am at home resting, recuperating, recovering, rejuvenating and adjusting. I'll tell you more about her later when I can sneak in longer minutes to write more in between the so-called 'Confinement' period.

my own dimply hairy baby arm... :D

Meanwhile, there's just a few hours more to midnight. And it looks like this year I will be breaking tradition by not driving to the BDC Flyover to watch the fireworks display at midnight to usher in the New Year. Let's just hope the merry-making neighbours will bring out the big guns tonight at my housing area instead so baby, daddy and me can just watch the smokes and lit-up sky from inside the gate.

So then, let's close the chapter for 2014 and start a new page for 2015. Ah cliche.

Got resolutions? :D

See you in another entry post in January 2015!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

1 Year Down, Forever More To Go!

Post-dated Entry. 

A year ago yesterday, I pledged my heart to the one man I would call my own in the eyes of God and man. It has been such a wonderful journey ever since, having to hold that one hand forever, in a holy alliance and partnership. 

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends,
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.
~ Author Unknown

P/s: He did actually say that, not in the same exact words, but the same exact meaning.

Signing the legal documents, witnessed and ordained by Pastor Winston Edip...

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary my significant otter!
Here's to many more years of blessed companionship, friendship, and marriage. 

So happy the solemnization ceremony was a blast and done with...

My anniversary, my birthday, baby's upcoming birthday (almost due at press time), and Christmas... all in one! Can a person ask for more? 

Told you December is my favorite month and is without a doubt the best month of the year!

Happy December everyone!
If you don't hear from me soon, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Caffeine therapy at The Coffee Clinic, Kuching...

Well Hello December! My favourite month of the year!

Today's routine trip to the obgyn stresses one thing only: that I should be actively mobile and spend time doing rounds at all the malls in town for Christmas shopping and buy things we don't need, since we still have a few more days before the EDD. A good therapy, that. 

A session with the doc and the ultrasound adventure always make me feel like celebrating. So that's how we ended at The Coffee Clinic, another new coffee place opening up in Kuching. Well they have been around a few months earlier, it's just new to me because I haven't been living up to my namesake expectation of late... but let's not go there.

Overall outlook. Photo: Coffee Clinic Facebook

This place is really pretty, for lack of a better word. Kinda like what I imagine my dream coffee place will be like someday (if I ever I get to relive that dream, ever). Small, cozy, tastefully decorated, a little homely, and a lovely setup for a first coffee date or meet-up or get-together. There wasn't any loud music at the time of my visit... just some low melody barely heard playing in the background. 

They have a range of coffee brew and flavor for you to choose from... served either hot or cold, ice-blended, or straight from that little tube-like lab glasses that oozes off steam and dripping off black concoction. (Sorry no demo pic). And they also have fruit flavored tea and classic branded tea. Ask for the flavor of the day tea! It sounded like fun! Except I already ordered my latter, so perhaps next time.

Front counter...

They also have cakes and biscuits and biscotti to go with your drink. The cake selections may not be as elaborate as Secret Recipe's or Starbuck's, but they have quite a lovely range to feast your eyes upon. 

The cake counter...

Meanwhile, the hot caramel latte macchiato I ordered was exquisite and looking really fine, served with a really creamy and melt-in-your-mouth almond cookie...

Caramel latte macchiato... a pretty one...

... To go with my cheesy chicken panini. They also have pasta, burgers, finger food... but for this time, nothing too heavy, after all it's just mid morning. The toasted panini was not bad either, since I wasn't expecting anything fancy. It was enough to assuage the morning hunger pang.

Cheesy chicken panini...

My partner in crime on the other hand, decided to order their Meal of the Day -- Ayam Penyet -- knowing full well it might be a gamble. And a gamble it was... in which they lost. I had a taste and all I can say is... If you had called it Grilled Chicken Rice instead of Ayam Penyet, my system would learn to accept and appreciate it better. Because in fact the dish is okay, it's just the name that would make you expect more.

Ayam Penyet, menu of the day...

Anyway, I didn't manage to snap a few other shots of the interior and exterior as I was too busy trying to settle my big belly down. Haha. But credits to blogger Dora for this lovely shot of the upper bunker seats, kinda like an attic seating setup, with contemporary handrails, and seats a maximum 5. 

Photo: Blogger Dora Yeu

Overall, I'd say getting your dose of coffee fix at a clinic like this may be a little pricey, but hey... once a while, when it's worth the drink, why not? My blood type is coffee, it says. 

The midmorning damage...

Hey listen, I won't recommend coffee for pregnant ladies, but talk to your doctor first. I got my clearance at just a cup a day (including coca cola, tea and all other caffeine intake) since I began, so don't judge me. =) This is the only clinic legal to give you the kind of high you need in a cup. 

Location: Refer to the receipt above. It's at Jalan Song. Next to The Bedroom, same row with Secret Recipe. Right opposite the road from CityOne Mall. You can't miss it.

Have a great December everyone!