Monday, November 17, 2014

New name, same game...

So if you got here safe and sound, then you were probably redirected from the old blog link or I must've given you a fair trail to track on.

Welcome... welcome...

Why the blog url change? Because after having quite a few (which was either deleted, deactivated, blocked...) blogs with the last one having a rather longish and troublesome to remember, the author has decided to stick to a simpler and shorter version of herself. Albeit, a new name but still  the same game.

And because I cannot entirely leave coffee off the conversation, no matter how much I  tried, we'll just stick with Coffee Girl because that's kinda like a household (in my dreams lah) name already. =) Still the same old me. Change of status does not mean change of heart.

Ah... cured. Coffee makes everything looks straight again...

As such, hopefully, my faithful followers and silent readers alike will keep me safely relinked in your respective blogs... I would totally appreciate the gesture. And although I usually refrain from making any promises I cannot keep, I hereby resolve to be diligent and consistent in updating from now on. So help us God.

Carry on people. =) You all have a good Monday now!


  1. In the words of Shakespeare, "What's in a name, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet."

  2. suituapui: yes so true uncle Arthur. =) Thought a new link is inevitable

    Hayley: Hi back! thanks for visiting on the new link! :D

  3. should have moved on new year eve. so it's like a new year for da new blog!

    anyway, all the best ^

  4. Elo elo.. Hope I'm at the right page..

  5. Ez Vina: Haha gambar boring dan pening :D

    Irvine Chin: LOL cudnt wait any longer, been delaying it =)

    Princess Ribbon: elo elo! U are! u are!

  6. Well. I like coffee girl name. Catchy!

    So when the big day? Anytime soon. Good luck and have a safe delivery.

  7. You moved to a new link!!! *gasp* It shows how busy I am that I didn't know that you actually move your blog to new link. Because I usually online using my phone, so I just typed out "Coffee country blogspot" and the link to your blog automatically come up. But in my laptop, I saved and bookmark your URL on Google Chrome; so if I feel like I need a "dose" of Coffee Girl, I just click on the bookmark that I saved. Not to worry though, I've saved your new blog link on my laptop. As for phone, do you think if I type "Coffee country blogspot" the new blog link will come up or the old one instead? Because I find it easier to type out a keyword to find your blog. :)

  8. Rose: Thanks Rose! Big day anytime soon, EDD on 5th Dec. Im praying it will be in Dec, doesn't matter what date.

    Marcy J: Yes I did! Wohoo! You can still type 'Coffeegirl' on Google and it will come out in your search result as well. The old link will still appear, but then you can click the link I posted there and be redirected to the new blog. It's actually the same blog, I just change the url only. So be sure to relink me! Thanks for your support babe. <3


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