Monday, November 24, 2014

My Lifetime Wishlist...

Always had this Bucket List written and kept somewhere in my memory. We got to have a figure cap somewhere so 40 is a good number to go by. Getting there soon, but I figure I still have a bit of time to spare. The list is actually longer than this but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Here's sharing some major and significant things I want to do before I turn 40:

1.  Visit Bali - Checked! HERE is proof!
2.  Settle all my debts
3.  Climb Gunung Kinabalu - Checked! HERE is proof!
4.  Visit New Zealand
5.  Do Bungee Jumping
6.  Be a DeeJay ... for a day
7.  Visit Phuket - Checked! HERE is proof!
8.  Buy and own a property - Checked! *Proof wasn't documented*
9.  Hold an AK47 and go on a target practice with the army boys for 1 day
10.  Shake hands with the Queen of England

11.  Have a fairy tale marriage proposal - Checked! HERE is proof!
12.  Walk down the aisle in daddy's arms in daddy's little church - Checked! HERE is proof!
13.  Campfire outing by a lakeside
14.  Have a baby via normal delivery
15.  Take my parents on a holiday overseas
16.  Meet and have coffee with at least one Hollywood celebrity
17.  Visit Maldives
18.  Make love on a private beach
19.  Build and own an English cottage

20.  Own a tree house in the country
21.  Own that exclusive Taylor Acoustic guitar that costs around RM3,600
22.  Enjoy one snowy winter in London with my family
23.  Have a fat savings account that will last my family another 50 years
24.  Own and run a Food Truck business
25.  Attend an Alan Jackson concert or any famous country singer concert
26.  Visit Bangkok - Checked! *Proof wasn't documented*
27.  Attend a Masquerade ball
28.  Write and publish a romance best seller
29.  Visit Jerusalem
30.  Get wish list from 10 children with special needs and help fulfill them
Possible? We're working on it one day at a time and checking them off the list one by one with pure satisfaction.

So care to share what yours are? Here's wishing you all Good Luck and All The Best in achieving YOUR LIFETIME WISHLIST too!


  1. How did number 24 suddenly appear? hahaha

  2. I can tick, 2, 4 and 8...and maybe 23 too. 23 is very important - I would not be able to survive on my pension, I'm sure...would need a totally different lifestyle to do that and I don't think I would want to spend my old age like that.

  3. Besar juak range tok, ada yg mudah2 jak, ada yang impossible jak.
    All the best jak ngan u ;)

  4. Cyril Dason: added as I go along... Haha. Food business, you know. Very fast profit gain. :-) And inspired by my fav channel - AFC!

    Suituapui: Oh yes a fat savings account is a must! which is why im still saving up in some investment which I can only reap way later.

    Ez Vina: Nothing is impossible if you really want to. yalah molah list tek, sik ikut order, sak dapat check ney dapat molah dolok. :D Thanks!

  5. Food truck... yes... i saw a movie - Chef... and inspired too!

    Cool bucket list anyway!

    Good luck...

  6. Out of your 30 wishes, I have 5..
    Me? I hope I can drive a Monster Truck in Malaysia, wakakakaka, and crash all those road bullies !!

  7. Aliey: Ya Chef - the movie. We just watched it last week and memang inspired abis lah. Hehe boleh jadi business partner kita tok kelak. =)

    Princess Ribbons: wohoo! Monster Truck! u need a license for that. Let me know how it goes. Lol

  8. Still a long way to complete your wishlist.

    Hmm. Never thought of this before but it is fun to make wishlist and see you accomplish it or not.

    Good luck in yours.

  9. Oh yeah. Looking at your no 30. I think you could approach the necessary organisation and do it.

    Something like what SEDC did in the past. Not sure they still do it. Love in the bag. I used to sponsor few back in my old employment. Now I just buy and donate to Salvation Army every year.

  10. Very nice bucket list! :)

    I've done 8/10 of your first 10 (everything except Queen Elizabeth and settling debts) but not many of your others as you list them on.

    I'll love to go to Jerusalem someday too! My friend went earlier this year with his wife and he didn't enjoy it much (apparently the military presence there is oppressive) but he went on a church trip.

    BTW, the beach thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. I did it when I was younger and stupid and drunk and it was a public beach in the middle of the night - sand got everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE) and you can't do a lot of things coz of that (gritty taste, abrasions etc). It sounds romantic but not very enjoyable and practical IRL. ;)

  11. Rose: Ya a checklist to see what else i have not done in my life so i can start doing, like a shopping list. :D For the wishlist for children, yes i heard SEDC still do that, now hotels do that too. And my husband do donate preloved items to Salvation Army as well. Am looking for a few focused children as recipients so that the fulfilment of wishlist is more personalised, if u know what i mean. :-)

    Huai Bin: I wish the Queen would come to Malaysia again, I do wanna shake hands with her. Just one of my 'meet the Queen' fantasy. :D Jerusalem cause it;s the City of David, hope to go before the situation gets worst. And as for the beach fantasy, hahaha i heard a lot of people complain about sands being everywhere lol... however i did not say frolic bare naked on the sands, logistics play a part too. At this age have to think about comfort too. The private beach part is just a location :p

    1. Haha! Fair enough, I do like your bucket list.

  12. this is bad. no.2 settle all my debt. not checked! maybe due to no.8.

  13. Irvine Chin: Same here :( but is working on it. Hopefully can achieve soon.

  14. Hi Coffee Girl, wow! Thats a lot of wishes, but good for you. And nothing like living out your wishes or dreams. Go for it!
    My wish? Ony meet you one day and say, "Hi....I'm Lee, from Canada".
    And of course it will be accompanied with a bouquet of red scented roses and a dinner invitation with you.

    About age, you not even near your prime yet, so live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets. Our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one round.
    So have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  15. Quite a long list wor. But then one by one will sure achieve punya :)

  16. Lee: Hey Uncle Lee! yes a lot of bucket list. hopefully i can achieve all before the world ends, 40 is just a cap. Coz if i dont put a cap on it, well... people tend to procrastinate, you know. LOL. Yes someday who knows our paths may meet and we can have coffee and share which list I've achieved. :) You have a good week ahead now and take care! =)

    Small Kucing: ya lor... so many things i want to do, so little time...


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