Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Celebrating 36 Weeks at The Cozy Cafe, Jalan Song

Pre-Note: Here are 2 stories for the price of one! Hope you don't get lost reading them...while I'm a bit rajin...


It's been awhile since I last found a good place to hang out at that has good food, cozy atmosphere and nice music. Me, being the kind of person that doesn't really 'hang out' anywhere per se, but rather what I would call spending quality time not rushing to get full but to idle the hours away watching the world go by.

So we stumbled upon this cushy little café, aptly called 'The Cozy Cafe' when we were driving around looking for a place to celebrate the 36th Weeks milestone. Apparently the routine visit to  the obgyn that morning gave us too much to gush and be excited about that all I wanted at the time was a good dose of a celebratory drink -- a fancy coffee or some expensive tea.

Well ... if you saw your baby yawned for the first time inside your womb, you would be very very moved to the point of tears too. Who knew the little one could yawn in there? The little sleepyhead just opened that small mouth with eyes closed, made a tiny yawning motion, then rubbed a tiny palm over one closed eyes. Wriggled out of the scanning monitor, then proceeded to sleep. All in real time!

It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. My heart stopped that minute, then melted. I can't quite describe the feeling. Won't water go into the mouth, people asked me after I told them? I asked myself that too, but the doctor seemed to read my mind and simply said "babies learn a lot of those natural habits in the womb. Who can explain the miracle of conception?''

When we got home, I did a little Googling, and it seems that that is possible. My baby looked kinda like that picture below too. Except with chubbier cheeks. So after witnessing that with my own eyes at the 4D scanning, oooooh yeah that IS a very good reason to be joyful!

4D scan shows a fetus yawned in the womb... Reported SkyNews
So sakai ho. But sakai happy what. Haha. Anyway, back to Cozy Café...

With jubilant mood... we saw the exterior of the cafe and immediately decided to just check it out instead of wasting time driving around. This place has been around for awhile but is new to me because the last time I stayed within the area (about 11 months ago) it was not there yet. It looked pretty comfy the moment you walked in. Clean, classy, cushiony and soft looking, exactly what I imagine a part of my entertaining room would look like someday.

Drink counter... an impressive collection of coffee and tea...

Part of the cozy interior...
I initially just wanted coffee and maybe something light... like a piece of apple pie or cake, but when the menu was handed over, I switched to pizza instead. They have 8-inch and 12-inch serving, so for a 2-pax, an 8-inch would be suffice. My opinion? Probably one of the best thin-crusted pizza I've ever had, if you ignore the look, that is. They have a few variety of flavors to choose from.

Bacon cheese pizza...
And a pot of hot strawberry mango flavored tea for me. Yeah well... it felt like a tea moment anyway. In a tiny twist of drama, le hubby ordered iced latte for himself and it almost made me regretted ordering tea in the first place. =)

Switching roles...

Meanwhile my significant other ordered the beef steak medium rare. Yes we both thought we wanted to just snack and go... but the menu seems to have changed our minds a lot. So this steak was looking pretty awesome on its own. Perhaps a heavier dose of black pepper sauce would make it slinkier (but you can always ask for more). The chef left a thin line of fat on the side of the meat and that makes it taste almost like pork chop. I should totally order this next time...

 Beef steak medium rare...
A blissful fare. One heck of a midmorning to celebrate the 9th month along. I'm pretty sure baby was happy with the food too because right after that, I was nodding in the car like a stalk of reed blown by the soft wind.

And just to add in a point, the next time I came back here (a few days later) I ordered this garlic and egg spaghetti that was served with a long chicken sausage. My my... creamy and very fulfilling. They have this king prawn pasta too, but I should warn you that they might serve the prawn a little bit rare for your liking, so if that happens to you, just call for the waiter and ask them to do the prawn 'well done'. Otherwise sayang bah membazir kena engkah ke tepi sebab rupa gik mentah...

Garlic and egg spaghetti ...

There you go! My review on the café. Service is usually fast and they'll pre-inform you should your order be a bit late. Staff is courteous and friendly. They also have a variety of cakes for dessert. Price-wise is not too bad, can come across as cheaper to some, compared to other similar cafes. And oh one other thing... It's Non Halal. (but if you're ok with ordering something else non-pork, then you're fine.)

Location: Jalan Song 4, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching. Just behind Oinks. And next to One Jaya mall.  

Post Note: This post is backdated so that means I am now 37 weeks along. Wohooo!


  1. How could you...! How could you put the 'non-halal' at the bottom when i already drooling from the top... hahahaha... my my...

    Anyways.. take care Dinah...

  2. kacak tpt tok, boleh la try klak2.

  3. Hi Coffee Girl, very interesting post, and you always impress me with your very stylish eloquence and the way you express things. Outstanding!
    And I guess you live to eat, not eat to live, ha the food dishes here. Looks really good. You make a good food critic or in advertising. Love the way you create the interest in your postings.
    How you doin'? And really thrilled having you drop by.
    You have a great week and keep a song in your heart.

  4. I never did the 4D scanning for my two boys lastime coz it was very pricey.. RM200 for a piece of picture! Wow, all the food also I like one, I like that creamy garlic & egg spaghetti..

  5. Aliey: oops sorry. But then again, if you don't mind so much, you can always opt to order some other thing without pork in it. :-) And thanks for the kind thoughts!

    Ez Vina: Aok very cozy kedak namanya. Try la, ada sigek gik branch nya di CityOne but that one mostly cam burger dan pizza jak ku nanga.

    Lee: Hi Uncle Lee! Thank you. I'm not as good as you with words and especially pictures hahaha but we do try. Am doing great. Hope it's not winter yet wherever you are. Have a great week! Thanks for dropping by too.

    Princess Ribbon: My obgyn did the normal ultrasound scan then he switched to 4D scanning on the monitor, it was part of the package, I don't remember it being that expensive because I paid the usual specialist fee. I think the detailed scanning is the expensive one, but that's not 4D. You can even ask for the recording for free. :-) Different hospital maybe. =)

  6. 4D scanning? now so high tech already??!!

    I've been to Cozy few times .. love their fruit tea <3

  7. Oooo...bacon pizza, I like. I had one too - will be in tomorrow's post on my blog.

    Wahhhh!!!! Almost time... All the best, good luck & God bless.

  8. Waaa .. bestnya temgok baby menguap ..
    Take care tau .. tak lama lagi nak bersalin tu (^_^).. chayok2 dear

  9. Nice! I remember when bing opened up in Jalan Padungan, a couple of shops down from my workplace. It was one of the first better coffee places in Kuching! There has been a boom it seems, this place looks great too!

  10. AhLost: ya lo... 4D, like watching cinema like that. :-) Fruit tea is fragrant and therapeutic kan?

    Suituapui: Yes bacon cheese pizza! :D Yes getting closer to the big moment. *Excited!*

    Puteri Kayangan: best kan? terkejut sangat. Thank you dear, will do. <3

    Huai Bin: Yes Bing is kinda neglected now with the many other coffee places springing up in Kuching, here there everywhere, just need to be updated about what's new all the time because it's moving too fast. Lol

  11. Another new eatery? Never been there yet.

  12. Rose: Not so new, about a few months or more. You should come and visit :-)

  13. Yeah, I know what you mean!

    Kuching is changing so fast - Jalan Padungan has new F&B outlets springing out all the time in 2005, some only lasted a while. I attempted to review every single one when I was working there, from the roundabout to bla bla bla. Haha!

    I gotta visit Kuching again, it's been too long.

  14. Huai Bin: u were last here in 2005? mustve been ages. Now u have more to review if ur ever back in Kuching. We even have more and more coffee outlets cropping up! Guess we're changing into a coffee community overnight lol.

  15. now scanning so hi tech already. wow.

  16. Small Kucing: ya lor... tech era ma... =)


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