Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BB, CC, DD cream ...

I'm outdated I know... but today I learned what those alphabet formulations stand for ... 

What's a BB Cream?
BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty balm. It is a cosmetic item sold mainly in Asian markets, although the majority of larger beauty brands have introduced BB creams to Western markets. (Source: Wikipedia

What's a CC Cream?
 CC cream is a marketing term coined in the wake of the marketing term Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm. "CC cream" is used by some brands to mean Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream, and some brands claim to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. (Source: Wikipedia)

and while Googling, I also discovered a new category which I didn't even know existed!

And what's DD cream?
DD can stand for a "Dynamic Do-All," "Dermatologically Defining," and "Daily Defense," depending on which brand you turn to.” (Source:

I'm saying I know how to use them and I have used some of BB cream of different brands, but today when my female colleagues and I started talking about skincare, not one of us knew what BB or CC or DD stands for. Hilarious! Thus prompted the Googling...

So what's the difference? 
While BB creams added primer, antioxidant protection, and SPF to standard tinted moisturizers and CC creams added color-correcting ingredients into the mix, DD creams now offer all those benefits plus even more anti aging benefits to help smooth skin and reduce fine lines. So DD cream is like a hybrid or a combination of both BB and CC ... an upgraded version of 3 in 1. And I'm getting this straight off the net haha.


Do I still use any of the BB or CC or DD?
Nah... I've decided that none of these formulations do anything good to my face other than block my pores or dry my skin. The lady who taught us grooming course concurred with me. So for now I stick to the normal regime combination of: Facial cleanser + toner + moisturizer + primer + foundation + makeup. And a facial mask every other weekend when we're free and diligent or rajin sikit.

Sounds like a lot? Maybe, but when it's routine, you don't really feel like it's a chore.

And what prompted this conversation? 
Well.. because I was contemplating on changing my skincare product. From the usual European brands to KOREAN skincare product! And one of my colleague apparently used Korean brands and she swore by it.

Because someone told me, and I know I read this somewhere... that Korean skincare products are tailored for Asian skin and that's the closest we can get. And the facial masks that they produce... my God.. they're heavenly! Smells nice too! And because in my current very-pregnant position, my facial skin is a little bit sensitive than usual. I've read that Korean products are actually gentler on the face.

#Throwback photo... Wedding Makeup session by Twinny Two

Just two setbacks... they're a little costly (but so is Loreal, Lancome, EL and the such...). And it would also be a gamble to suddenly switch brands. And to determine that it works on me, that's another setback because time is of an essence here.

Oh what the heck...

So can anyone recommend a good Korean skincare brand? Etude maybe?

P/s: This is one girl who doesn't really care about makeup and such, who believes in going au natural most of the time, and who thinks having a natural beauty is the best and coolest gift that God has granted anyone. Make-up is of course, just for enhancement. And even though we're not vain like that, every girl should at least try her best to take care of her facial skin by having a good skincare regime.


  1. I used BB cream before but since I seldom wear make up now, I stick to normal foundation and concealer. Good enough for me.

    I have oily skin so I find that all those cream blocks my pores and create problem to my skin. Korean has drier skin due to the weather so not all skincare they produced fit our skin which expose to sun and under humid condition. Need more research to see what fit your skin. Good luck.

  2. hada labo's bb cream is pretty light and offers decent coverage. the brand's pretty great for being quite mild on the skin so i'd vouch for it. not too pricey either, so maybe you could consider it? google for reviews before purchase, of course, to decide if it's a good choice for yourself.

  3. Call me jakun, I don't know what's CC and DD cream.. haha.. I only know BB cream, which is like a foundation cum concealer, to make your face look smooth.. I'm not fond of these creams, coz it will block my pores.. I don't wear makeup to work, just some gloss maybe..

  4. have to google too what is BB CC Dd cream.

  5. Gosh! Sure is complicated...being a woman. LOL!!!

  6. I think make up is like facial enchancement. is a fun trendy thing a girl should know. And of course, for own protection sakes. The world is poluted, and the weather are bad.

    Like a man that does not go to the gym / exercise. Looks too skinny and unhealthy. Gotta Man up :P

  7. Hi Coffee girl, how you doing'? Glad I was born a man....just sunlight soap ok, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Ps, I have returned.

  8. Rose: Ya i stopped using BB cream already because i found it clogged my pores and make my skin looks ghastly. I just stick to the primer and foundation, and the rest of the cleansing routine. Thought of changing to korean products for foundation and mask, heard they're really good. Tried one or two and felt it was also nice. I'll just research further and test 2-3 more...

    Creativebitchin: hada labo? again im outdated, never heard of it but maybe coz i wasnt looking. Thanks for the tips, i'll be in the lookout for them.

    Princess Ribbon: LOL i used to wear BB cream, but I never really knew what BB the alphabets stand for. Now I know... and if people ask me, I can explain better. Haha i use light makeup, when rajin lah.

    small kuching: hahaha u and me both! well a little 101 can be handy when u least expect it...

    suitupui: I know! Hahaha tell me about it. But then it's only a state of mind. Being a career woman is a little complicated.

    Irvine: Yeah that's another angle to justify it. Hahaha im glad some men are there are ok with girls worrying about these stuff. :D

    Lee: Uncle Lee! You're back! :D Well being a man has its own complications, but let's not talk about that. Welcome back!

  9. hada labo is a very popular brand of japanese skincare (available at watsons and guardian). pricing is reasonable, and i definitely can say the lotion works for me, my sisters, and many of my girlfriends... that's really the only thing which forms the mainstay of my very basic skincare routine. the mild face--wash and the lotion is all i use (aside from an eye-cream that i often forget to apply anyway haha).

  10. Hi!

    Yes DD cream is the new trend now, I am selling/using ;)
    A korean brand, price is reasonable too!

    By the way, you asked what I got about your face spots right? May I know what kinda spots? I do have a product called de pearl cream which can whitens the skin, and lighten spots. But price abit expensive, but very effective. If you are interested can leave a comment at my blog ya ;)

  11. CreativeBitchin: I saw it that day, thanks for making me notice them. maybe i'll try one product later, after my own abis, but so far have not decided on anything. :-)

    Hayley: Yes the face spots. U know, acne spots and getting darker due to sun exposure. Hard to get rid off, I used Olay spots cream before on some of them and some of the spots faded a bit, but some are very stubborn. Ok i'll check ur blog later. :-)


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