Monday, November 24, 2014

My Lifetime Wishlist...

Always had this Bucket List written and kept somewhere in my memory. We got to have a figure cap somewhere so 40 is a good number to go by. Getting there soon, but I figure I still have a bit of time to spare. The list is actually longer than this but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Here's sharing some major and significant things I want to do before I turn 40:

1.  Visit Bali - Checked! HERE is proof!
2.  Settle all my debts
3.  Climb Gunung Kinabalu - Checked! HERE is proof!
4.  Visit New Zealand
5.  Do Bungee Jumping
6.  Be a DeeJay ... for a day
7.  Visit Phuket - Checked! HERE is proof!
8.  Buy and own a property - Checked! *Proof wasn't documented*
9.  Hold an AK47 and go on a target practice with the army boys for 1 day
10.  Shake hands with the Queen of England

11.  Have a fairy tale marriage proposal - Checked! HERE is proof!
12.  Walk down the aisle in daddy's arms in daddy's little church - Checked! HERE is proof!
13.  Campfire outing by a lakeside
14.  Have a baby via normal delivery
15.  Take my parents on a holiday overseas
16.  Meet and have coffee with at least one Hollywood celebrity
17.  Visit Maldives
18.  Make love on a private beach
19.  Build and own an English cottage

20.  Own a tree house in the country
21.  Own that exclusive Taylor Acoustic guitar that costs around RM3,600
22.  Enjoy one snowy winter in London with my family
23.  Have a fat savings account that will last my family another 50 years
24.  Own and run a Food Truck business
25.  Attend an Alan Jackson concert or any famous country singer concert
26.  Visit Bangkok - Checked! *Proof wasn't documented*
27.  Attend a Masquerade ball
28.  Write and publish a romance best seller
29.  Visit Jerusalem
30.  Get wish list from 10 children with special needs and help fulfill them
Possible? We're working on it one day at a time and checking them off the list one by one with pure satisfaction.

So care to share what yours are? Here's wishing you all Good Luck and All The Best in achieving YOUR LIFETIME WISHLIST too!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Celebrating 36 Weeks at The Cozy Cafe, Jalan Song

Pre-Note: Here are 2 stories for the price of one! Hope you don't get lost reading them...while I'm a bit rajin...


It's been awhile since I last found a good place to hang out at that has good food, cozy atmosphere and nice music. Me, being the kind of person that doesn't really 'hang out' anywhere per se, but rather what I would call spending quality time not rushing to get full but to idle the hours away watching the world go by.

So we stumbled upon this cushy little café, aptly called 'The Cozy Cafe' when we were driving around looking for a place to celebrate the 36th Weeks milestone. Apparently the routine visit to  the obgyn that morning gave us too much to gush and be excited about that all I wanted at the time was a good dose of a celebratory drink -- a fancy coffee or some expensive tea.

Well ... if you saw your baby yawned for the first time inside your womb, you would be very very moved to the point of tears too. Who knew the little one could yawn in there? The little sleepyhead just opened that small mouth with eyes closed, made a tiny yawning motion, then rubbed a tiny palm over one closed eyes. Wriggled out of the scanning monitor, then proceeded to sleep. All in real time!

It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. My heart stopped that minute, then melted. I can't quite describe the feeling. Won't water go into the mouth, people asked me after I told them? I asked myself that too, but the doctor seemed to read my mind and simply said "babies learn a lot of those natural habits in the womb. Who can explain the miracle of conception?''

When we got home, I did a little Googling, and it seems that that is possible. My baby looked kinda like that picture below too. Except with chubbier cheeks. So after witnessing that with my own eyes at the 4D scanning, oooooh yeah that IS a very good reason to be joyful!

4D scan shows a fetus yawned in the womb... Reported SkyNews
So sakai ho. But sakai happy what. Haha. Anyway, back to Cozy Café...

With jubilant mood... we saw the exterior of the cafe and immediately decided to just check it out instead of wasting time driving around. This place has been around for awhile but is new to me because the last time I stayed within the area (about 11 months ago) it was not there yet. It looked pretty comfy the moment you walked in. Clean, classy, cushiony and soft looking, exactly what I imagine a part of my entertaining room would look like someday.

Drink counter... an impressive collection of coffee and tea...

Part of the cozy interior...
I initially just wanted coffee and maybe something light... like a piece of apple pie or cake, but when the menu was handed over, I switched to pizza instead. They have 8-inch and 12-inch serving, so for a 2-pax, an 8-inch would be suffice. My opinion? Probably one of the best thin-crusted pizza I've ever had, if you ignore the look, that is. They have a few variety of flavors to choose from.

Bacon cheese pizza...
And a pot of hot strawberry mango flavored tea for me. Yeah well... it felt like a tea moment anyway. In a tiny twist of drama, le hubby ordered iced latte for himself and it almost made me regretted ordering tea in the first place. =)

Switching roles...

Meanwhile my significant other ordered the beef steak medium rare. Yes we both thought we wanted to just snack and go... but the menu seems to have changed our minds a lot. So this steak was looking pretty awesome on its own. Perhaps a heavier dose of black pepper sauce would make it slinkier (but you can always ask for more). The chef left a thin line of fat on the side of the meat and that makes it taste almost like pork chop. I should totally order this next time...

 Beef steak medium rare...
A blissful fare. One heck of a midmorning to celebrate the 9th month along. I'm pretty sure baby was happy with the food too because right after that, I was nodding in the car like a stalk of reed blown by the soft wind.

And just to add in a point, the next time I came back here (a few days later) I ordered this garlic and egg spaghetti that was served with a long chicken sausage. My my... creamy and very fulfilling. They have this king prawn pasta too, but I should warn you that they might serve the prawn a little bit rare for your liking, so if that happens to you, just call for the waiter and ask them to do the prawn 'well done'. Otherwise sayang bah membazir kena engkah ke tepi sebab rupa gik mentah...

Garlic and egg spaghetti ...

There you go! My review on the café. Service is usually fast and they'll pre-inform you should your order be a bit late. Staff is courteous and friendly. They also have a variety of cakes for dessert. Price-wise is not too bad, can come across as cheaper to some, compared to other similar cafes. And oh one other thing... It's Non Halal. (but if you're ok with ordering something else non-pork, then you're fine.)

Location: Jalan Song 4, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching. Just behind Oinks. And next to One Jaya mall.  

Post Note: This post is backdated so that means I am now 37 weeks along. Wohooo!

Monday, November 17, 2014

New name, same game...

So if you got here safe and sound, then you were probably redirected from the old blog link or I must've given you a fair trail to track on.

Welcome... welcome...

Why the blog url change? Because after having quite a few (which was either deleted, deactivated, blocked...) blogs with the last one having a rather longish and troublesome to remember, the author has decided to stick to a simpler and shorter version of herself. Albeit, a new name but still  the same game.

And because I cannot entirely leave coffee off the conversation, no matter how much I  tried, we'll just stick with Coffee Girl because that's kinda like a household (in my dreams lah) name already. =) Still the same old me. Change of status does not mean change of heart.

Ah... cured. Coffee makes everything looks straight again...

As such, hopefully, my faithful followers and silent readers alike will keep me safely relinked in your respective blogs... I would totally appreciate the gesture. And although I usually refrain from making any promises I cannot keep, I hereby resolve to be diligent and consistent in updating from now on. So help us God.

Carry on people. =) You all have a good Monday now!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

That thing called 'infant belly binder' ...

Don't know if anybody has ever heard of this little conventional newborn gear, but I was born and raised in a culture where it's widely practiced and passed down from generations. I'm pretty sure some other cultures have it too, like the Malays and the Chinese, just perhaps called by a different name or has a different look. Or perhaps not, since these are modern times and most modern moms these days go by just fine as well, or maybe just buy the ready-made binders sold at baby departmental store.

In Malay it's called barut gantung bayi for the triangle shaped one or bedung for the rectangle one. While some tradition requires the binders to be worn on the inside of the clothing which is directly protecting the baby's skin, some traditions wore them on the outside after the layers of clothing. It doesn't matter, they function quite the same way.

Of course all other parts of an infant needs to be well cared for, especially the head and neck area -- to name a few essential ones -- and that small soft really fragile space between the top of the head and the forehead. But that's another story...

Putting on an infant belly binder or a baby navel protector on a newborn is a traditional custom where I come from. The Bidayuh Biatah called it 'uto' as in 'oo-tow'. That's for the triangle-looking baby belly binder (below) which I'm in favour of and have procured at home for the upcoming little one.

What the lady from Pu3store texted me...

According to my mother, the infant belly protector is to protect a newborn's belly and navel area especially the umbilical cord stump during the baby's first few weeks after delivery.  Keeping these areas well covered is crucial after a baby is born, to make sure they're not exposed to air or come in contact with urine.

Infants need to at least wear these protective gears inside their other clothing for 1 or 2 weeks, maybe longer... depending on when the stump will get dry and fall off on its own which then will leave a tiny hole in the belly which we lovingly call belly button. Oh don't worry, I'm well covered for these parts - I've babysat my nieces and nephews before and that's always a curious miraculous happening to me.

Made from soft cottony material, uto is triangular in shape with soft cotton strings attached at each vertex/corner to securely bind the piece of cloth around a baby. My mom would usually made these binders herself from leftover cloths or cutouts, occasionally using different patterns of cloth to create a really cute one. The more childish pattern the better... let the creativity run free. Since it was easy to make and wouldn't take up too much time, she would sew like 10 to 20 at one time. And then passed on to the next sibling that comes along.

Bought these from Pu3store Online

I'm sure my grandma helped made some in those days... apparently sewing these utos were a favorite mother-daughter (or future grandma and future mother) past-time while waiting for the newcomer to arrive... all loving thoughts and hope filling up the conversation. And sometimes, really close relatives like a future aunty or grandaunty (who can sew) will gift these to her future niece/nephew as a way of saying "I want to be a part of your growing up adventure".

In a way, this uto not only protects the baby, but brings the clans close together ... in a more family-oriented melodramatic sense of the word lah... Hehe.

So what happens to them after the baby passes the critical few weeks or months? Well... they can continue wearing them for fashion's sakes, like an inner clothing or a singlet. In fact, I think it makes babies wearing them look really adorable and very huggable! Reasoning aside, very fancy fashion sense indeed if I say so myself. :D

 Checkout how this handsome lil baby boy wore his at 3 months!

Oh by the way, for the record, I may be a modern-day mom, but I believe that some customs are good and should be made a tradition so we won't easily forget how we were raised. On the other hand, I had no time to make these on my own (even though I very well can sew and there's a sewing machine at my house) since I work in the daytime and gets tired really fast by nighttime. BUT... I managed to buy these online! Surprisingly there are some part-time mothers out there doing this home-made binders and sell them online for a very reasonable price.Yay for online shopping! You can also check out for variety.

And with that note... here's to Week36 and counting! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BB, CC, DD cream ...

I'm outdated I know... but today I learned what those alphabet formulations stand for ... 

What's a BB Cream?
BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty balm. It is a cosmetic item sold mainly in Asian markets, although the majority of larger beauty brands have introduced BB creams to Western markets. (Source: Wikipedia

What's a CC Cream?
 CC cream is a marketing term coined in the wake of the marketing term Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm. "CC cream" is used by some brands to mean Color Control cream, or Color Correcting cream, and some brands claim to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. (Source: Wikipedia)

and while Googling, I also discovered a new category which I didn't even know existed!

And what's DD cream?
DD can stand for a "Dynamic Do-All," "Dermatologically Defining," and "Daily Defense," depending on which brand you turn to.” (Source:

I'm saying I know how to use them and I have used some of BB cream of different brands, but today when my female colleagues and I started talking about skincare, not one of us knew what BB or CC or DD stands for. Hilarious! Thus prompted the Googling...

So what's the difference? 
While BB creams added primer, antioxidant protection, and SPF to standard tinted moisturizers and CC creams added color-correcting ingredients into the mix, DD creams now offer all those benefits plus even more anti aging benefits to help smooth skin and reduce fine lines. So DD cream is like a hybrid or a combination of both BB and CC ... an upgraded version of 3 in 1. And I'm getting this straight off the net haha.


Do I still use any of the BB or CC or DD?
Nah... I've decided that none of these formulations do anything good to my face other than block my pores or dry my skin. The lady who taught us grooming course concurred with me. So for now I stick to the normal regime combination of: Facial cleanser + toner + moisturizer + primer + foundation + makeup. And a facial mask every other weekend when we're free and diligent or rajin sikit.

Sounds like a lot? Maybe, but when it's routine, you don't really feel like it's a chore.

And what prompted this conversation? 
Well.. because I was contemplating on changing my skincare product. From the usual European brands to KOREAN skincare product! And one of my colleague apparently used Korean brands and she swore by it.

Because someone told me, and I know I read this somewhere... that Korean skincare products are tailored for Asian skin and that's the closest we can get. And the facial masks that they produce... my God.. they're heavenly! Smells nice too! And because in my current very-pregnant position, my facial skin is a little bit sensitive than usual. I've read that Korean products are actually gentler on the face.

#Throwback photo... Wedding Makeup session by Twinny Two

Just two setbacks... they're a little costly (but so is Loreal, Lancome, EL and the such...). And it would also be a gamble to suddenly switch brands. And to determine that it works on me, that's another setback because time is of an essence here.

Oh what the heck...

So can anyone recommend a good Korean skincare brand? Etude maybe?

P/s: This is one girl who doesn't really care about makeup and such, who believes in going au natural most of the time, and who thinks having a natural beauty is the best and coolest gift that God has granted anyone. Make-up is of course, just for enhancement. And even though we're not vain like that, every girl should at least try her best to take care of her facial skin by having a good skincare regime.