Saturday, October 25, 2014

Those little thirst quenchers...

I once resolved to actually chronicle this whole journey here (some parts anyway), but between here and there and so much going on in between, that became another forgotten good intention. Who knew being in the family way could sap the energy from a person like a vacuum suck up dust?

Anywayyyyyy... Week 34 today and thus far all I can say about myself at this stage are:

1. Didn't completely leave coffee off my diet the entire time, well, i.e. until the first trimester was over and we sailed by the danger zone safe and sound. It was completely nuts going cold turkey on such a short notice, but hey... things we do for love, right? Although I alternately consume them consciously and rather sparingly during the second trimester onwards, and counting my quota per day, as per doctor's advice. 

 Ipoh white coffee...

2. A sucker for Coca Cola at most times... A lot of times... All the time. The minute I think or say about having one, I gotta and must have one. In fact last night I had two cans before bedtime which kept we up slightly later than usual. Wasn't proud of myself, but sometimes you just got to have one, you know, as long as it's counted in the quota intake. Wasn't this crazy about Coke before, but hey... At least this craving is easier and cheaper to assuage than some crazier and more unreasonable ones that some other people have, thank God.
 Coke on the rock...
3. And young coconut juice. Funny how I never actually liked it before, now I just cant have enough. On the bright side, reviews actually said they're good for the baby and me. 5 points for that!

Fresh young coconut juice with extra ice...
4. I still drink the recommended maternity milk... usually with a dose of cereal to make it tastier. Although now a little less since we changed gynae. He said those are 'stuffs made of sugar and fat' and that it would do us both a lot better having my calcium intake from natural fiber sources. Well ok doc... You know best.
Milk with choc cereal...
5. Lots and lots of plain water in between. Other than to dilute the sugar/caffeine intake as per above etc, also excellent for avoiding swollen ankles/hands or puffy face caused by water retention. Makes no sense to reduce water retention by drinking more water right? Apparently it works! Although it frequents the toilet trip. But no biggie. 
 Iced plain water...

So there you have it. No judging please. We're fine. Meanwhile, this oversized otter has a few more weeks to go... So with God's grace and mercy, we can do this baby! Wohoo!!

Note: Photos of S3 and Mi3 quality only


  1. Young coconut is best consume at the last trimester. To cool your body and cleansing. I am a tea lover so I cant stop taking tea when I were pregnant. Limit to one glass a day. Not everyday of course.

    So you opt for natural birth? Anytime now.

  2. Drink more of plain water sis without the ices....hehe

  3. Rose: Yes we pray it would be a natural birth, Amen. :-) Cant wait!

    Adi Herman: but i loveeee iceeee! haha

  4. Elo sweetie.. Oohh so you are in week 34, yay! Same here, I drank fizzy dribks and iced Ribena every night before bed time.. And after one hour, *blueeekkk* heartburn.. And all came out - in the form of sour yellowish liquid... Sorry, sounds gross I know :)

  5. Princess Ribbon: LOL that's understandable. I drink a glass of milk before bedtime and still feel bloated the whole night. Guess our tummy is compressed. Hey thanks for visiting! :-)

  6. I've been trying to leave cola but I couldn't. HAhah!

  7. That coconut drink.. fuhh! cannot wait to be able to start drinking again. You know la people and their superstitious thinking. Early pregnancy cannot drink coconut water just yet.. nangga jak la kawan order. haahah... The date is getting nearer and nearer..cant wait to see your lil bubs!


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