Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 30 and counting...

I really have no inspiration lately. It's almost the end of September and time is running out.

On another note, I am in my 30th week. And the lil one is fast gaining momentum in there and I'm beginning to feel the weight of it on my physique. Especially my hips and shoulder. There has been movement in my belly more regular than before, and getting stronger and persistent each time. Not sure if it's scary or just me being excited and clueless at the same time.

But I supposed all new mothers feel the same way. We just have to follow our gut instinct and go with the flow, wherever it may lead. Some readings do help though. And advice from the elderly. Plus a lot of moral and emotional support from the daddy.

With roughly 10 or less more weeks to go before this life-altering miracle is about to take place, there are still some puzzles we have yet to find answers for. But is slowly discovering them one by one. This I believe, is one of those 'trial and error' journey every couple must face together in order to make it really work. Like my mom said, there is no wrong or right in how you prefer to bring up a baby in this world, there is only faith and love and a lot of going by what your heart says.

Well, I cannot say I'm not a little bit overwhelmed by this, but I must say I am pretty much thrilled and affected by it. Every time my husband says he is nervous, I tell him "if you're nervous, imagine how I feel..."... me the one who'll be doing the labour stuff etc. Haha. And then he calmed down.

By the way ... look at all those ultrasound scans! I don't know about you but it always take me a few minutes to digest all that movements and dots and heartbeats to be able to make out what I'm actually looking at. And finally when I'm able to figure out which one is the head, the spine, the legs, the hands... the doctor moved to another region. It's like a blurry screen, or maybe it's just me. Haha.

Sometimes when I look at those black and white shot of the little stranger in me, I get reminded that no matter what and how many wrongs I've done in my past, I must've done something right to deserve all these. Every morning when I wake up and look at my mirror, I thank God that I am alive and well, and is soon gonna be a mommy!

 Taped on the dressing mirror, for an everyday wake-up call... :)

Ok enough about baby otter before I bore you all with further details... =) Why do I feel like I'm beginning to sound melancholy lately in my postings?

Anyway... Although I supposed no first-time parents are a genius in this subject, I wonder how other couples go through their first pregnancy... Care to share? :-)
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Like you, I was thrilled, scared and puzzled at same time in my 1st pregancy. I read a lot about pregnancy and delivery to prepare myself. And family's support is very important as you are both mentally and physically challenged.

    But my advice to you is just enjoy the moment. If you feel something not right, just go and consult your gynae. By now you should have ready your delivery bag. I readied my bag by week 32 just in case. Hahaha.

  2. Good news and be tough with the weihht change ok?

  3. Can see yet? Boy or girl? ;)

  4. Exciting news and all the best to you and Cyril! Bundle of joy arriving soon. :D

  5. few more weeks to go. wow!.....

    whatever it is...must "sabar"..... :)

  6. You must be very anxious and excited at the same time, right? For first timers, you do not really know what to expect.. I, myself was very "dunggu" last time... first time of everything... body changes, breast fullness... don't worry, anything just ask the nurse or doc.. Pain is secondary.. most important, everything goes well... and looking at your baby, you will be thinking .. "hey, this is my little miracle..." There are lots of stuff to do prior to the arrival... remember, not to fret... best is someone to assist you when you go home with the baby.. especially night time... must get someone experienced to handle the baby and you will be fine... :)

  7. 3rd trimester is the hardest, but hang in there!

  8. Sebagai suami tak nervous tu tipula. Tapi bila dah masuk wad bersalintu. Hilang semua. Support isteri da sambut anak. Best thing dalam hidup saya by far. Lagi best lepas bersalin saya sendiri dukung Aisyah pg check up dan ke incubator pasal doctor dan nurse busy. Ada 5 ibu lg nak bersalin.

  9. Kecik jak perut ya, agik slim mummy tok ;)

  10. Rose: We're both enjoying this moment while it lasts. :-) Like an adventure in itself, pretty exciting but a little scary as well. But we're just going with the flow and make sure we have the shopping done bits by bits. Everytime I feel a little overwhelmed, I think about how my mother did it and how smooth sailing it was for her. Amen. :D

    Willie: Weight change is the least of my worries, not that I even worry. Lol. It comes with the package after all, right?

    suituapui: Can see already just that we prefer to not know and to ignore it. But there has been many predictions based on the shape and the size of the tummy. Lol! Time will tell.

    Lindy: Thanks dear! Cant wait!

    Small Kucing: Ya must be sabar. :D very very patient now and just enjoying the moment.

  11. reana claire: so every new mommy is the same then? like u said 'dungu' a bit but i supposed the excitement and eagerness makes up for it. Im taking it slow and easy day by day, cant wait to finally have it in my arms but at the same time will probably miss the times when baby was still in the belly making all that amazing movements. Lol. Anyways thanks :)

    Hayley: hope it will be smooth sailing. Thanks and will do! =)

    Mohd Shafid: eii bestnye! ur one supportive daddy! well it was worth the experience dont u think? Haruslah tolong2... sebab yg susahnya isteri, suami kena bagi banyak moral support gitu. Anyway tahniah!

    Ez Vina: Gambar jak ya, lom ko nanga rupa sebenar. ;D

  12. whoots! baby is coming out soon! =D

  13. That's beautiful, your post! :)

    I like how you're chronicling your journey into parenthood, it must be great and I'm living it vicariously through you.

  14. Small Kucing: Hi back! =)

    henry tan: wohoooo! :))

    Huai Bin: thank you! wait till ur a daddy urself, u sure will be over the moon too!


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