Friday, July 25, 2014

The Cat Story...

This is so random.

So last night a fellow blogger Ms Marg shared on FB with the rest of us other bloggers in her circle, some common hindrances when it comes to writing - The 15 Stages You Go Through Everyday If You're a Writer. Aha! Totally understandable. I get that all the time.

But the thing that caught our attention was how cats featured in at least 2 of those points. Interesting. So after a series of funny 'cat' comments, and this being a total writer's block topic, I added "The first to post a cat story wins." Of course, me being pregnant and it was already 10.45pm at the time, I fell asleep right after... until morning.

The winner is of course Khairool! who in the spirit of a good blogging (if there's such a thing) wrote about a brilliant cat hut story. Haha. Pat yourself in the back mister! Who says you cannot write under pressure?

Now back to me...

My cat story? Oh nothing. Just that I caught my significant otter made a tender gesture towards a kitty when we were vacationing in Phuket last June. I mean, he may not like cats so much (what's with the neighbours' cats constantly harassing his shoes and leaving furs here n there outside our house, climbed the fences, scratched the car etc) but I am sure he doesn't hate them or want to harm them in any way. <3

 There see? I got proofs!

So that's it! Cat Challenge accepted! You all have a good Friday and a loooooong weekend ahead! I should be in KK by the time I post a next one. At least this settles the block thingy for now.



  1. I love cat. Currently no pet cat at home but there is one or two neighbourhood cat that adopted us.

  2. She tagged me too on FB but I did not click to read. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Not a fan of cats - lots of strays in my house and neighbourhood - leaving pee stains, claw marks...and all their fur on my cars. Worse is, they're predators...will leave the headless bodies of birds and rats in my garden. Wouldn't be so bad if they hunt to kill. Imagine the stench if I do not notice the dead thing lying there.

  3. Oopsss!!!!! My long comment disappeared. Awaiting approval or lost in space?

  4. Small Kucing: ur name also kucing. :) Those btw, r the neighbours' cats. My own home di kampung got lots of cats, but my nieces take good care of them.

    Hayley: Meowww! Happy upcoming weekend!

    suituapui: Haha she did? good! Well my car has many cat prints already by now, it's a sign. Being predators i dont mind, it's when they pee all over the place during their monthly cycle, that's when it gets worst. eughh

  5. Hi Dinah.
    I love cats but won't keep them in my house. Haha!

  6. Thanks for dropping by and say hi

    Happy weekend to you :)

  7. Not a fan of cats but I love them anyway.

  8. Willie: Keep them outside then. Lol. I dont hate cats, but not crazy about them either. i just cant really bother either way. :D

    Rose: Same same...

  9. Haha! I love cats too, I think they're adorable! :)

    I prefer cats to dogs, even though I know doge is loyal I still like cats anyway coz they're cute.

  10. Small Kucing: You welcome! Happy wednesday to you!! =)

    Huai bin: haha yes theyre cute... when theyre still kittens! at least i think so. :p


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