Saturday, July 12, 2014

So are you going to heaven or hell? ...

Pre-Note: Saturday break.

Heard once upon a time. A conversation in a car.
Three colleagues, all of different religion and faith, car-pooled to an eatery for a meal. One a Muslim, another a Christian, and one other a Buddhist. The subject of death, good deeds, heaven and hell came up. After some semantics and premise, in short:

The Muslim:  You know guys, in my religion, the two of you are all going to hell if you don't repent.
The Christian: Well, in mine, the two of you are doomed and going to hell too if you don't repent. 
The Buddhist: Haha we're no different. In mine, the two of you are bound for hell. The difference in mine is... what level of hell will you be in.
*All three laughed heartily*
All in agreement and good spirit: So that's right, no issue there then. The conclusion is - We're ALL going to hell!

Post-Note: Before you condemn another person's belief, look first at yourself.

We all should learn to chill sometimes. It is after all a hot day! Go grab yourself an Air Batu Campur.

ABC at Lorong 2, Siburan... cheapest and best

Happy Weekend everybody!

p/s: This is a true story. At the time, it was really hilarious. Recount to capture the spirit of unity, respect, and tolerance. Not meant to offend any religious belief or faith. If you're offended, no apology will be issued.


  1. Aiyo, really love this kind of conversation, but now we have to be very careful coz some might get too emotional. Why human need to feel more superior than one another?!

  2. I agree. I will tell off anybody trying to convert me by telling me all that he/she thinks is bad about my religion. Tell me all the good in yours and see if I may be persuaded... Have a great weekend, you too!

  3. agreed... hahaha...

    Just be good to yourself and to others. The rest is out of your control.

    have a great weekend too :)

  4. Haha. I have to agree to. Respect to other religion.

    That ABC looks chilling and yummy. I also long for something cool now.

    You have a great weekend too.

  5. I masih pegang rekod dirik empun ..... 15 days ramadan and i belum jejak kaki ke bazaar ramadan....hahahaha

  6. Ez Vina: ya oversensitive kot. But cannot be avoided bah, mun dah 1Malaysia kan

    suituapui: We expect everyone is able to think maturely and civilisedly when it comes to religion. Of coz we cannot ram our beliefs down anyone's throat, freedom of religion bah kan. :-) You have a good week ahead too!

    ahlost: True. Pray is better than forcing anyone to accept your belief.

    Rose: Respect and tolerance. :D YOu have a great week ahead!

    Tia: LOL baguslah. Tapi dekat rumahku ada at least 3 pasar ramadan bah. haha

  7. Sporting yo. So nice to have friends who are sporting. East Msia have it easier when it comes to talking about religion. But I bet you know that. Over here in Peninsula, particular where I am now, JB, it's so sensitive.

    Let's just say I had a few unpleasant conversations here haha.

    Happy Wednesday, Coffee Girl.

  8. Armstrong: Well when you know each other too well, even a racist joke becomes a good joke, but keep it within the circle tho because someone outside looking in might be offended. Tolerance is most important. :D Happy Wednesday too ArmstronG!

  9. All religions teach good of course excluding those cults...

    Nice new look in your blog

  10. love this conversation! and even though i'm an atheist, this post pretty much sums up what i strongly believe in - we should all chill on such matters and just accept each other's similarities (and differences).

  11. I like ro make my own cup with exacy amout of coffee, suger and milk, and I will enjoy it no matter what you think of it.

  12. Libby: Thanks on the new look! :-) Just felt like revamping. And yes all religions teach their followers to do good, except those cults.

    CreativeBitchin: Yes basically the logic of all religion and their opposing faiths. No matter what, we should always practice religious tolerance. To world peace!

    Al-Manar: Well good for you! That's the way to enjoy coffee. Cheers and enjoy your coffee. :-)


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