Friday, May 30, 2014

Lil one's adventure holidaaaaaaaay!

Ah... second post for the month of May on the second last day. No wait, this is the third post! We made it! Hehe.

Progressing at 3 months and 1 week along today has been an amazing journey. We made it to through the first trimester with flying colors! Well, we kinda cheated there a little bit since we only discovered baby otter's existence like on the 9th weeks... so yeah. Good job procrastinating on that test kit hah. I wondered how much coffee I consumed without knowing. I seriously don't encouraged stalling after you feel suspicious of symptoms and changes. Although in my case, there was some tiny bit of technicality that caused me to snuff out all hopes, but just when I was about to shrug it off, it turned the table on me and proved itself positive and persistent! Just like a fairy tale drama twist...

Google pix: Crazy about cute tiny knitwear like those...

Well thank God for tiny miracles. I don't know what I've done right in my past life to deserve it.

Anyway, while I'm a roll here...

Found myself hungry a lot quicker even after I just ate, but that I eat less portion compared to before. I also discovered that after I ate my fill, any other pictures of food (especially those of my favorites) will render me nauseous. So Instagram after meal time is a no-no. Strangely, my system seems to be accepting milk - which I used to gag on - like I've always drank it my whole life. Pretty awesome huh. And there's the frequent past midnight trips to the bathroom, but that one is normal or so I read somewhere.

It's such a tender feeling. One that keeps me close to my Creator for He brought and gifted this life to me to be responsible for. It's like, carrying another person makes me care for myself more. I used to be so carefree with whatever I eat, wherever I go, whatever I do... but now things have drastically changed and it's all for the better. My waist is expanding sideways... weird. I thought it should be bulging frontward. Haha.

Oh by the way, I'm a sucker for sambal kicap (Tong Nam brand) cili padi belacan gula to dip with any fruit, preferably asam. The taste for it just double-folds at this stage.

Spicy soy sauce dip & local mango...

Oh yes we have been busy being a lil cookie monster. Food adventures everywhere! This month alone, mah little otter has been on early adventures -- work related of course -- to scenic Sandakan of Sabah... where we had Earl Grey tea and thick English scones and strawberry jam under a shady tree at Agnes Keith Tea House... just like the English do ... And ikan bangus bakar!


... And then a week later, we flew to small oil town Bintulu for another weekend of duty...

... With all that movement, I think we deserve a little holiday ourselves, right? Soon -- about 4 days from now, we will be jetting off to these breathtaking destinations!

Goole Pix: Make a really wild guess where...

Talk about a loooong weekend! Wohooo!

Gawai Festival is two days away and the rest of that is the much much much awaited hoooooliiiidaaaayyyy! So here's to the holiday seasons folks!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


and we are 3 months along today. Wohooooo!

Actually aa... Mr Papa-To-Be describes the experience lengthier than me. ^^

Wordless lah sangat kan?


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Totally missed April... and homemade Laksa Sarawak!

Hey look who's back from the brink of unplanned hiatus and blogging self-exile?


I know. I almost missed March. And now I have completely missed April! It's unheard of. Broken promises to constantly write. Or make an appearance. But you know... like Spiderman whispered to Gwen Stacy about broken promises: "Yeah but those are the best kinds."

Anyway. A month is too long to stay away. I know some of you don't miss me at all, and some don't even know I exist, but that's the beauty of it all. It's not about reading, it's always about writing.

It has been a few eventful months, and I predict (correctly I hope) the upcoming ones are going to be more swamped and frenzied, but no less exciting. It's always more happening at the beginning of the year, peaking at the middle and anti-climaxing by the third quarter, and reclining to a more steady and relaxing pace by year end.

So before I bore you with more nothingness... here's some tough love on your diet list: LAKSA SARAWAK! I'm not the expert here, however I can say to you that it's relatively easy to make, once you get a hold of the key ingredient: Laksa Sarawak paste.
Note: This serves two (for my tiny household lah)

- 1 packet of Sarawak Laksa Paste (of any brands you prefer, mine is Haji Manan)
- 1 packet of rice vermicelli or bihun (some like to substitute with yellow noodle)-blanch in hot water
- 500 medium sized fresh tiger prawns (you can opt for shrimp too) - blanch in boiling water
- 1 pcs chicken thigh/drumstick (boiled for fresh stock; meat are shredded into strips)
- 2 eggs (optional) - mixed together, fried, and cut into strips
- 5 limes (cut in halves)
- Parsley leaves (or you can also opt for coriander leaves) - chopped
- A handful of beans sprout - blanch 2 secs in hot water to leave it just crisp enough
- 1 tsb Prawn paste (for the sambal)
- 1 small packet of instant coconut milk (the liquid type is more convenient)
- Chili (optional)
- 5 cups water to boil
- Salt to taste

Methods (mine actually):
1. Soak the bihun in hot water until tender. (some may prefer blanch in boiling water, but I find if I do that, the vermicelli will lose a lot of its texture). Put aside.
2. Boil the chicken meat in a pot maybe half an hour, to cook the chicken and to make fresh chicken stock. Then take out the chicken and put aside to cool. Once cool, use fork to shred the meat into strips. (I normally just chop instead of shred if it's just for 2 person, less work and looks better on presentation. Hehe)
3. Using the fresh chicken stock in the pot, keep water to boil. Add in the laksa paste and coconut milk. Add in salt for flavors (although the paste might already have salt.) Slow down the fire and bring the laksa soup to boil.
4. Beat the eggs in a bowl until just slightly puffy. The fry until golden. Once it's cool, cut into strips and put aside.
5. Boil another pot of water to blanch the prawn and beans sprout. 
6. Mix the prawn paste with chilli and 2 lime juice to make the sambal.
Hope I didn't miss anything. And now to serve it...
7. Divide the bihun in two servings. Arrange nicely the chicken meat, beans sprout, prawns, and egg strips on top of the bihun.
8. The pour the laksa sarawak soup on the arrangement in the bowl, just enough to half-drown them (so-called lah). Sprinkle the parsley leaves on top.
9. Serve with the sambal belacan and lime.


 See how big the prawn is? The ones they serve you at laksa stalls are too small lah. :D

Easy to do right? Note: There are many brands out there available in supermarket or most grocery stores. I've experimented with some and found that I like this one better (Haji Manan's).

So there you have it! My version of homemade LAKSA! Have a merry-fantastic May!!