Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Home and Away...

So last month, I was planning ahead for a couple trip up north to see the first-ever-of-its-kind event to be organized in this State. I mean, country music right? I'd be insane not to go!... even if I don't know half of the bands they're featuring. But no matter cause that's the whole point of going, to get to know the bands. 

Excitement got me going making all the necessarily arrangement in advance. Flights, accommodation, tickets, and even mentally listing down what we should do on a daily basis throughout the short trip. Nah... kidding. Hey I even bought a pair of boots just for this occasion! Haha. We were supposed to be on a relaxing Valentine's Day getaway anyway.

Alas. A week before our scheduled trip, my office received a directive about holding an official event on the same date and in the same vicinity - Miri, at the same time the concert were supposed to start. To summarize it painfully, I would be working. Instead of linedancing at the Festival. And I would expect to finish at least two hours to midnight. In which... I hope to get off a bit early and scram to Park City in record time!

Well, when you gotta work, you gotta work. I could have said no and justified it, but that won't be practicing what I preach to my peers and subordinates about priorities and such. Plus... I'd have to deal with the inner conviction of letting my colleagues down when that's actually my job. (Note: I am not a class A employee. I just do what I need to survive.)

So there it is. I would still be where the Festival is, I hope to even drop by no matter how late, and by God, I hope to get reimbursements on my flight at least! Sucks that it has to be on the same weekend huh. Otherwise I would've enjoyed this adrenaline rush that work brings all the time.

If you happened to be in Miri this Saturday, do go over and tell me all about the first many sessions I'll be missing. Ticket is at RM80 for a whole day event (2pm - 12am) and is also available on sale at the entrance.

MEANWHILE, have I wished you yet? Happy Valentine's Day all my lovely punchkin munchkin lambikin pumpkin readers you all! If you don't celebrate, that's ok.

 My forever Valentine... 

By the way, those roses and other bouquets and huge teddy bears they're selling by the roadside since two days ago... well, if you like to splurge, go ahead. Am sure your chosen partner will love the gesture. <3 I don't mind being at the receiving end either, just not huge teddy bears.

Not that I'm even making any fuss about it, but this just happens to be our first V-Day as a married couple. And yes that's kinda a good deal to at least do something special about it (now that the V-Day getaway is as good as half spent on some other business).

And that's how I found myself in the kitchen, spending an hour fixing an easy recipe that comes with tedious preparation. And voila!! The Pre-Valentine's Day home cooked dinner filled with love: LAKSA SARAWAK!

My serving: using vermicelli rice and everything else supplied in abundance.

For the record, this isn't my first time fixing this Sarawak specialty dish. This is actually my second. :D And I like to believe I nailed them both times! (Or at least close lah...) Note: It's simple to make, it's just the tiny accompaniments that made it a little laborious.

The husband cum Royal Food Taster preferred yellow mee (prawn mee) for his ...

I'd like to bring my parents but daddy's not really into big crowds nor smoke-filled areas. His eyes won't be able to stand it. Me neither (on the ciggy smoke) but some stuffs you just gotta brave to get what you want.



  1. Happy valentine's day dayung. Harap you sempat la nangga country show ya klak.

  2. Lovely photos, Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  3. Country music? This should be interesting....anyway, love that picture of yours (u and hubby). Such a cute couple.

  4. Miri! How I wish I could be there too. I have friends in country bands in Miri once - I think they are still actively playing. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. You are looking beautiful here coffeegirl, and I love the new look in your blog, happy valentine to you, may you have a wonderful time with your loved ones

  6. i remember attending Miri Jazz Festival 5 years ago. It was so much fun, and pure relaxed with beer in the hand, while sitting and enjoying the jazz song( we didnt wanna cramp inside the hall so we chose to sit outside)..

    And oh my! the laksa.. udang itu sangat memikat selera. Good job on the laksa.. Yr hubby's gonna pile up weight really soon, and it's good. heheh

  7. Ez Vina: Thank you dayung! same to you. sempat ku nanga 2 jam sblm abis. phew... syukurrrrr nang best lah

    Hayley: thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you too Hayley! :p

    Adi Herman: it is! nang best! and thank! :D

    suituapui: u do? well it's gonna be an annual event soon, next year second one, in Miri. Hope u can go! :)

    Libby: Thanks for the compliments Libby. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! <3

    dinang: Miri Jazz every year now, too bad im not really into Jazz. hey this year u can come lo, same in Miri again. And thanks on the compliments. My hubby senang hati saya pun senang hati. Hehe

  8. Wow! Miri is really getting a lot of them music festivals! :)

    I remember the jazz festival as being the first in Sarawak (and among the first in Malaysia, it certainly was big when it first started) and now there's a country music festival!

    I wish I lived closer to Miri...

  9. Musicke, valentineke, bab makan jugak yang best akhirnya. Udang bulat-bulat macamtu takboleh tahanla.

  10. I heard Laksa Sarawak and I am drooling. It is so tasty that I would finish drinking its soup till my bowl is dry.


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