Thursday, February 20, 2014

I finally owned a ukulele!...

Hey I only remember 4 chords! Apparently that's nearly enough to perform one song. Can even play 'Making Love Out of Nothing At All - by Air Supply' with only 6! (Two I needed revision with...). When I first started learning at 18 years old -- which is a lifetime ago -- dad had this ukulele songbook, and one of the easy songs was 'Home on the Range'. Oh yeah, those were the days. Howling for the roaming buffaloes to come home...

This is a concert size ukulele... the smallest and sexiest among its siblings. Came with a canvas bag (bought separately) with back-carry-mode and enough pads to hold it safe and sound inside. My very own first ukulele which I bought with my own money. No matter that it was procured out of pure whim.

She's reddish in colour -- mahogany, I think. Look at the distinguished white linings... made it look pretty elegant and classy. Well it better be because it certainly didn't come cheap. Strings are soft and make really sweet twang. Not that I know how to twang it. I'm learning still. Daddy didn't teach me enough chords before somebody broke the old ukulele.

But it would go really well to compliment a guitar. My baby bought this acoustic for me last year as a pre-birthday present from Lepo Music Store. It's not a Taylor, but it may sound almost as good as a Taylor in my head because it's pretty special. <3 

So yeah... I got half a band at home and all we need now is to teach le hubby to play one of these. And a mini-amp, and a cajón, or a tambourine, and a bass. :)

By the way, bought the ukulele from a friend who sells uke and guitars via Facebook. I saw one on his page, enquired enough to state my interest, and 3 weeks later it was on my desk! Of course online shopping is the way to go these days. Completely safe and worry-free transaction, because I know this guy from a church in Alor Setar which is pastored by a family friend who solemnized my sister's wedding ....... okay long story. Well if you're interested, give him a message. I won't tell you how much I bought mine, because that is strictly between me and Shion. :) He can give you a good deal, right Shion?

But hey don't ask for public performance ya because I'm raw and this particularly stage-shy raw talent shall always be, like they say, hidden. :) ... unless a really special function calls for one.

Ahem. Ahem. *clears throat*

Home... home on the range.... where the dear and the antelopes play.... where seldom is heard a discouraging word... and the skies are not cloudy all day. <3


  1. Oooh. Time to chill with your ukelele. Nice piece of instrument.

  2. no public performance, how about you video it at home and upload to youtube for us to listen? :P

  3. Nice! That is a pretty cool thing to own! I'll love to have a ukulele too, just for the fun of it, even though I can barely play 3 chords on the guitar.

  4. At last, now I got new friend that knows how to play ukulele just like me....can we do a duet, make a video and post it on youtube? Hahahaha

  5. Rose: I know right? It's so tiny! :)

    Hayley: haha i know!

    ahlost: isnt that the same thing? lol see lah how. need to really belajar to play sampai fasih

    Huai Bin: haha i only know 4 so far, 2 more if i remember not to confuse them with guitar chords that is. go ahead buy one... :)

    Adi Herman: seriously u can? that is awesome!! yes we can lol, except for the posting on youtube part... AND i kena rajin menelaah dolok lah.

  6. I don't even know where to start looking for an ukulele! :)

    I have an acoustic guitar and used to own a Fender (basic model) electric guitar though, even though I can only play a few chords and songs (mostly Green Day coz they're easy, though I memorized Zero by Smashing Pumpkins).

  7. Huai Bin: i just gave you a contact person in there. :D, safe shipping too. im sure KL lagi banyak. Wow Green Day memang best and easy to play, so u must be good!

  8. I didn't even know it is called ukulele. My wife got it as a gift from her student and I called it her toy guitar. LOL


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