Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Beginning of All Things Good...

My first post for the New Year! And I am like 14 days late! So random.

There are a few posts on the way prior to this one being written, but they are still in the draft list. And some more stories I said I'd write about, but hey, first thing first...

ALL HAIL 2014!

And ya, if you noticed, I attempted to give this blog a makeover. A bit overdue. But I hope it will stay awhile until I can do some more proper revamping work. Whatever it is, there will always be coffee somewhere in this space. :)

Anyway, I promise to write more soon. There are soooooo many things to put into words I hardly know where to begin! The wedding tips, the honeymoon cum Bali trip, the moving house, the whole interlada about being called a new wife cum daytime career woman etc ... it's a lot to digest but it's an adventure of a lifetime that is much better in reality than just coffee-induced daydream. And here I am, can hardly believe I just said that. Haha.

Hope I still have my writing muse, so hold that thought. :) Meanwhile, here's a visual of our first meal cooked and ate at our new home, by yours truly. Never going to be a world renowned chef ever, but I promise I can fix a decent meal. Like my mother. Hopefully.

Herbal chicken, kangkung in oyster sauce (water spinach) & salted fish...

Till then, hope you all have a good month and a good year!! :)


  1. Can't wait to read more of your blog entries in the future, sis...

  2. Nothing better than mum's cooking.

    Better late than never, my dear. Happy 2014. Look forward to a revamp blog of yours.

  3. Cooking looks really great. Hmmmm... These days, shared responsibility - hubby also must cook or lend a everything, in fact.

  4. Happy new year n enjoy the kangkung. Hehe

  5. Aaaww.. happy new year Dinah... hehehehe...

    I am going to blog more toooooooo after my battle with Photoshop !!! :D :D

  6. I am waiting for your some blog entry :) happy new year and Have happy Kankung....

  7. Selamat tahun baru juga. Takpe pelan2. Pengantin baru. Memang busy. Cerita kopi jangan lupa.

  8. Adi Herman: haha im lagging behind... oh no... but thanks for the support :)

    Rose: Happy CNY! ok it's revamped. How do you like it now?

    suituapui: thanks! yes my man does that all the time, lending a helping hand. Im blessed. :)

    Ez Vina: haha ya!

    Willie: same to you! haha thanks!

    ahlost: Happy CNY to you too! haha all the best to us!

    best coffee maker: thank u! same to u!

    Mohd Shafid: thank you thank you! satgi citer. ^^


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