Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year In Review: Personal Best Moments of 2013 & Welcoming The New Year!


It has been one amazing year for me, personally. While I don't want it to end, the book still has to be closed because the chapter is finished and today marks the last page. But let's not fret. Life must go on boldly forward because we have everything to live for in 2014!


A Recap of Best Personal Moments for 2013. 

1. Spend the early parts of the year away from home organizing events a week apart from each other... A buildup to the General Election. One Division after another, and always coming home feeling drenched and in need of a good rest. But with awesome colleagues, anything is possible. 

In the spirit of 1Malaysia la kan... against a potent choc brownies...

2. Breezed through the General Election 2013... because the hard and difficult parts have already been done earlier. 

3. Met Zamani in person! ... From Slam. He has always been my favorite local talent since school days. *Sigh* I couldn't believe he got so skinny!

Zamani Slam: Kembali Terjalin...

4. And got a free hug from Ironman!... The adventures my job brings me everyday. No Thor, but this will do.

Superhero overload...

5. Recruited a new blood donor. If this is member get member program, I'd have a cool downline. :) Because it is my only unselfish passion so far. And now I don't have to do it alone or look for a friend to accompany me. My husband is now my special moral-support partner!

And our blood group is the same as well...

6. First Valentine's celebration with Mr Right. At home eating simple home cook food. And gifted with my first silver cross necklace! <3 I foresee many Valentine celebrations will be spent alone together at home after this. 

To be worn close to my heart...

7. Ventured into Charms-making Business... Slowly and steadily, online and offline. This is another passion that I see should take off quite well, if only I have more time and focus. Tell you more about it later. Meanwhile for now, you may check www.eheartcharms.com

 Tranquility charms bracelet... from EHeartcharms.com

8. Cook more at home these days... because the guy I'm going out with loves home cook meals and especially Dayak food. 

Sambal nenas (spicy pineapple in prawn paste)

9. Visited Limbang! At last... And now the only Division I have yet to step foot on is Kapit. Although I've been to Song a few times. Wait ah 2014... 

For work, that is...

10. Ventured out of the country... to Phuket and Bali! To two countries at one time! -- Got my passport this year and well, ventured overseas for the first time. I know, I know... late bloomer and all. But two international island resorts in one go made up for it!


11. Got a surprise proposal! Every girl's dream, stuffs of fairy tale... to have a guy she loves go on one knee in public, open a beautiful tiny box and pop the question. What kind of girl could or even want to say No to that?  Oh you could also read about it HERE.

The precious props...

12. Went to Bangkok! ... an unplanned trip but an amazing journey nonetheless. 

Met and had coffee with George Clooney at Madame Tussaud, Bangkok

13. Got properly and formerly affianced... with the families' blessings and approval. And then it is made official because the earlier one was more of a personal engagement. 

Official engagement day...

14. Given an acoustic guitar by le fiance... An early birthday present, he said, 3 months away from the real birth date. The only guitar I ever had was given by my dad on my 18th birthday. It broke after I brought it back from college during my senior years. Some stuffs are to be cherished forever, more for the thoughts that count. 

Rocking good times...

15. GOT MARRIED! To this amazing guy on Dec 14 2013! The same one who proposed to me. It was the most beautiful, most memorable, most exceptionally amazing time of my life. Walking down the aisle in daddy's arms in daddy's tiny country church, feeling like the most blessed and most beautiful bride in the world. The day we exchanged rings, vows, and got united in front of God and men. A truly special day in any girl's life.

Getting all dolled up, morning of the wedding...

16. Went for honeymoon right after... to the islands of the gods, Bali again! No words can describe my state of happiness at this point.

Lounging good times in Bali...

17. Celebrated Birthday Bali style! ... because we were already there. Got serenaded by one of the coolest local acoustic bands I've ever had the honour to watch.

 The birthday kiss!

18. First Christmas as a newly wedded couple. With both sides of the family.

19. Moving to our new marital house. Right after the honeymoon. :) So by New Year, I'd be a driving a distant more to work than usual. 

20. About to spend New Year's Eve with awesome companies, awesome food, and awesome FIREWORKS display across the City!

So then, there it is. I may have missed a few milestones but that's ok. Next year I'll have a proper diary. In a rush now for the New Year's Eve get-together. Till then lovelies, here's wishing you...

What doesn't kill us last year will only make us stronger this year!

Wohoooooo! Release the fireworks!


  1. Happy new year dinah. Wow ... rupanya kamu pula tokeh eheartcharms. Hasil kerja tangan yg sangat cantik :)

  2. This will be ONE year that you will always remember. Happy 2014 to you and your hubby and all your loved ones. Cheers!

  3. Nice to know that 2013 had given you a fantabulous year.. Cheers to a great 2014!

    Happy new year!


  4. That's a nice, fulfilling year you had! :)

    I love Bali myself, it's an awesome place and I never get bored of it!

  5. Derma darah eh. Office buta pun saya lari macam budak sekolah nak kena inject BCG.

    Bali best kak. Saya pun rasa nak bawak anak bini ke sana pulak. Dulu pergi sorang jae.

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  7. Hayley: Happy New Year! Happy CNY too!

    Jaw Sanggin: Ya saya. Terima kasih. :) Happy New Year (walaupun dah belated)

    suituapui: Oh thank you! yes good year, a good year indeed. Happy CNY!

    Ez Vina: Happy New Year dayung!

    dinangpris: Thanks! You have an awesome one too dear! :)

    Willie: Indeed!

    Huai Bin: Yes it was indeed! Bali is lovely, very relaxing too. ^^

    Mohd Shafid: Ya derma darah. haha harus beranikan diri, lepas tu, buat macam biasa sudah. :) Ya Bali memang best bang. Holiday hari2 pun tak bosan kan?

    Shofiul: :p Ok!


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