Monday, December 16, 2013

News Update from The Wedding Bureau: COFFEE GIRL JUST GOT HITCHED!


 Walking down the aisle in daddy's arm...

Ok that was two days ago. Forgive the remiss. Yours truly had been real busy getting herself properly wedded. Only able to get hold of this laptop and recounting the extraordinary journey right now, in BALI nonetheless, on my ehem… honeymoon.

And hey, I am that word called WIFE now! That’s a promotion of the highest order in a girl’s life. Not to belong to someone, but to have found her soul mate and begin a wonderful journey together. It’s been really amazing. How I got myself into this position right now is beyond me. Only by the grace of God. 

Two rings to unite them all...

This is one of those times when saying it is just not good enough. It has to be shouted and proclaimed out loud because it deserves the special mention. After the surprise proposal in July (which you can read here), the proper official engagement in September (and here), and the following months of preparation plus countdown (and here and here), it comes down to this one memorable day in December:  THE OTTERS BIG DAY.

It’s so amazing it’s unbelievable. Have not been able to stop smiling despite been standing on 4.5inch heels all day, all night and then going a few rounds. And still standing! I must respect all brides before me. You think it was easy, and now you know. The extra inches helped to raise the confidence a bit but it didn’t matter after all because the groom is tall and it’s only fitting. But not complaining right here.  The little pain is nothing compared to the joy. It didn’t just tip the scale, it tumbled it!

The extra inches...

At some point, you forget all the exhaustion, the anxiety, the butterflies in the stomach, and just focus on making miracles and hoping for the best. And the smiles just came on naturally. We kinda just winged and well swung it, you know, like the saying goes, doing our best and letting the rest takes care of itself.
But you should have seen my groom. If the bride was radiant, then he was beaming! He’s never looked more handsome. My pillar of strength. My soul mate. My significant otter. My husband.
The signing ceremony. We just realised that the smile never left his face...

Oh don’t you roll your eyes at me, my lovelies. Haha! Allow me this moment right here right now because this does not happen to a girl every day and no matter what you say I will insist on writing too-sweet-till-your-tooth-ache posts like this. ^^

The whole journey including (and most of all) the preparations has been truly remarkable. A one of a kind adventure really.  Our respective families have been really supportive and fabulous too. I must say that couples who co-fund their own wedding made a lot of decision-making fairly easy because parents don't get in the way too much, although we try to compromise wherever we can to please both parties and listen to elderly advice as often as we can. Happy parents make happy future newlyweds, yes?

By the way, I’m not going to apologize because we didn’t serve liquor that night at the reception. I believe you don’t really need alcohol to have fun. Sober fun is real fun, right? But that's just me. Nevertheless I thank you that all of our friends and families in attendance were perfectly sporting. You guys rock!

Appreciation door gifts... Left for morning, right for evening...

Even the band was awesome! I actually found them via a friend who posted in FB pics of them performing. I went around asking and got the manager's number, and the rest is well, country history. They sang all my favorite songs (ones which I helped pick beforehand of course). It has always been a dream to have Alan Jackson sing at my wedding... and this was close to perfect. (p/s: If you want the contacts, buzz me...)

Country band, The Hybrid. Mr Paka, now a good friend, on the keyboard..

Oh did you hear about the surprise? I had a hard time deciding whether I should or not, and where I should do it… in church or during the reception. I almost bailed out because that was one heck of a reception dress I was wearing… heavy, real pretty, with a long train that made walking around nearly impossible. But after requesting the Live Band to prepare an acoustic guitar for me days beforehand, I just had to you know, make use of it. And after a split second decision, I texted the MC. Am not a professional guitarist, I only play in church, real stage-shy, and my voice is shaky at best… but I just gotta do it. There wasn’t a better time than the one currently presented to me. If I didn’t, I would forever regret it.

And so, for vanity's sake … Voila! 

Le groom... one hand holding digital lyrics, the other on his own phone...

I know it was never done. So yeah, that felt really good! I knew the Groom were especially astounded! Asking him to help me hold the lyrics on the phone was just a ploy to keep him standing next to me so I can have both moral support and well… in case I get too nervous and forget the lyrics. 

Most brides were afraid they might trip on their dresses while walking down the aisle. Me… I was so afraid I was going to cry during the solemnization ceremony because I know my parents were. If I were a parent, I would be crying too. And that would totally ruin my carefully applied makeup. But thank God I didn’t, although it was a real challenge not to.

 My playful flowergirls Lil Yaya (standing) and Lil Maemae on rehearsal night...

Even when my 6 year-old flowergirl, little Maemae kept staring at me adoringly when she thought I wasn’t watching, I could feel slow tears pricking my eyes. You know what she did? After the ceremony, she told her mom that after this I won’t be coming home again, and then she ran home to hide and cry. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with her. The little girl has so much love in her it just broke me up to realise how deeply she begins to understand life.

I supposed in life, you just have to lose some and win some. But never compromise where love is concerned. 

The official appearance at last... See who's beaming the most?

So that’s it for now all you lovely followers and silent readers!  I am so glad you all have been there for me virtually through thick and thin, and because Blogging is what sparked this romance in the first place. You do realise I’m sharing all this personal special details because I sayang you all right?
Tell you more about my preparation, bridal of choice, crucial wedding tips and the Bali adventure when I come back. Until then, hold that thought!

Lots of love,
No more a singular Coffee Girl.


  1. awww.... that's so sweet...

    Like i said before, I will get diabetes if i keep continues to read about you two ... But, okay, I'm willing! hahaha

    Anyways.. i'm happy for you too... It's meant to be! Enjoy your... ehem... hornymoon... ehh... honeymoon.... ngeee

  2. You're finally hitch!!! Congratulations to you and your husband. I almost cried while reading it and that's when I realize, that happiness comes in so many ways you don't expect. May God bless you and your husband :)

  3. Congratulations, girl! Finally! All those waiting! hahaha!

    Beautiful ceremony and like other weddings, it always bring tears and joys to me. :)

  4. You played guitar and sang on your wedding day? That was an awesome experience ever...I've done that before and it actually the best feeling that you will always remember for as long as you live.

  5. Thank you so much for the invitation to your #OttersBigDay. I'm so glad I'm one of the lucky ones to be invited. Thank you so much for the tablemates that I was seated with. They are all awesome people.

    Can't wait for your posts on the preparation, tips and all.. haha.. I just love to read all the sweeeeet stuffs !!!

    Enjoy your honeymoon and love from all of us. hehehe..

  6. Congratulations on ur wedding! <3

  7. Congratulations coffee girl. This is beautiful.

  8. Congratulations to both of you. May you have a wonderful and blissful marriage and blessed with all the good fortune in life.

  9. Congratulations!
    You can play music instrument? Nice!

  10. Congrats! You look so beautiful and radiant! What song did you sing? All the best to you & hubby!

  11. It's not cheesy at all dayung!! You have put all these details in wonderful detail I enjoyed reading it! I am still in awe..... *cries tears of joy*

    Still a better love story than Twilight. HA HA HA.....

  12. It's not cheesy at all dayung!! You have put all these details in wonderful detail I enjoyed reading it! I am still in awe..... *cries tears of joy*

    Still a better love story than Twilight. HA HA HA.....

  13. Congratulation Dinah!!! may you and your hubby have a wonderful life together ahead, god bless :)

  14. Nt Gravity: and thank u so much for coming! u look gorgeous that night too. almost didnt recognize u. Lol

    Marcy J: Aww ur so sweet. Yes i am! Hitched! Thank you sweetie. someday ur turn will come when u least expect it, meanwhile u have fun and enjoy ur singlehood. Blessing in that one too.

    Ez Vina: Thank you dayung! <3

    Rose: yes all those waiting finally happened. ^^ Thank you for the wishes. :)

    Adi Herman: Yes I did. haha. Fought a wave of nervousness for that too. You did the same? Wow! *hi-five!* i mean, why not right? it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. there wont be another one of the same.

    ahlost: Thank YOU for coming and sharing our special moment. :) Yes we put u with awesome strangers so that soon you will have more awesome new friends. =) Will post soon! hold that thought!

    Fay: Thanks dearest!

  15. Dephnie Dewi: Thank you! <3

    Nur68: Amennnnn. Thank you for the wishes!

    Hayley: Yes! just that one instrument :p And thank you. =)

    suituapui: It's Your Love - Tim McGraw version. And thank you uncle! :) if only u were in kuching that time...

    Christine Dior: Thank you so much dear! Twilight? haha noooooo... never even close. At least mine is real. Lol

    Wilson Chin: Thank you Wilson! :)

  16. Congratulations Coffeegirl, you are a pretty bride!

  17. Congratulations Dinah! Just so happy for you =)

  18. Hi Dinah.
    Congrats. He's happy to have you in his life and that is for sure. The idea of you singing to him was just marvelous!

  19. Libby: thank you dearest! <3

    Sherrie Pui: thank u Sherrie! xoxo

    Willie: Hi Willie! Thank you again. Yes he was stunned! but i bet it was an awesome feeling. :) thank u for sharing our moments!

  20. mrs. Cyril!! congrats congrats!!


  21. Mommyoftoo: Thank you! Thank you!

  22. Wow..I've been missing a lot! Congratulations babe. I am so happy for you. Finally you said the word "I do"


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