Friday, December 13, 2013

And Here’s to the Final Countdown!

Well, how do you like counting down so far?

Getting dolled up for the prewedding shoot...
I have every intention to do a final countdown with this entry, but hey, I think I’ve hit the wall and now my writer’s mind is going on a silent strike. Blocked, is what it is. Or perhaps I’m just too many emotions all in one that I cannot simply put words into phrases without making one emotion less important than the other. Because they are all, of course, significant. 

 Timeless journey...

Nevertheless, cheer me on lovelies. Because with or without coffee and whether it will make sense or not, I will finish this entry.

In less than 24 hours and I will embark on the biggest most meaningful journey of my life. Some people waited a lifetime; some had this moment handed over to them. I, on the other hand, is about to cross that bridge because it’s finally here. And then, you will also have the pleasure to see me burn that bridge down. 

You see, a lot of people didn’t expect me to get married. In fact, even I did not expect me to get married! So the fact that it is happening is well… a little dreamy. A tad unrealistic but not altogether impossible. Hey, not owing anybody any explanation for that one. Right now I am merely accepting and embracing this little knowledge that soon I will have a permanent golden band to wear. 

 A vow made in front of God and men...

Who would’ve thought this day would arrive? I didn’t. But I sure do love the surprise it brings. So there’s hope. There’s always hope for a gift of life and love. 

The old saying is true. When you don’t look for it, that’s when it will find you. I was walking through one heck of self-destructive road when my future came along and handed me caramel macchiato, and I never looked back ever since.
The Bestman and the Maid Of Honour tool of choice ...
Oh I could write a whole novel about that. But I won’t because it won’t be a complete book.

And now it is time to bury the hatchet, lay down some stubborn ghosts to rest, torch the bridge, close the book, and sign off for the last time as ME-the single woman. 

 Reliving that perfect coffee moment where it all began...

I like the sound of that. I like the sound of that very much.

So you have fun! I’m gonna go and get myself hitched now! 

NOTE: Will return to post more after the honeymoon trip right after the function. Wheeeee!

COUNTDOWN TO THE BIG DAY - Part 3 and The Final!


  1. Congratulation sis...welcome to the club! I mean the world of marriage haha...

  2. Congrats dayung, see ya tomorrow.

  3. You look beautiful! Tomorrow's the day? Bet you'll make a radiantly beautiful bride.

    Congrats to you & Cyril. May God bless the two of you abundantly in every way in the years ahead. Cheers!!!!

    Do convey my greetings to your in-laws too, my old-time good friends...from the days in Kanowit.

  4. Yes! Lets have fun and enjoy your big day!

    Congratulations and many best wishes to you and your husband. Indeed a new milestone but i assure you, it is a great journey. :)

  5. Congratulations my friend. Will be there at ur wedding reception.

  6. Speechless..... in a happy way darling!!

  7. Speechless..... in a happy way darling!!

  8. Tahniah Dinah. Welcome to the club :)

  9. Congratulation's been a long time i didn't read your am the last one who know you're getting married. :)
    welcome to a new life & a new phase

  10. Congratulations dayung! I haven't been blogging and checking blogs and now that I did - BAM! - you're getting married! SO happy for you!! Getting me all excitedddd!! God bless you in your new life with your husband. :D

  11. Awesome. ..loosing a single girlfriend but getting a mama friend soon

  12. Awesome. ..loosing a single girlfriend but getting a mama friend soon

  13. congrats dinah! you were gorgeous... and your performance at the dinner reception was beautiful =)

  14. Adi Herman: lol... thank you. Hehe

    Ez Vina: saw you! Thanks for coming! with Emmet and Eugene and papa Eugene!

    suituapui: thank you!! <3 will do. My dad in law did mention you. :) small world. if u had been in kuching, wudve invited you.

    Rose: muah! thank you darl!

    Willie: thanks for coming!

    Tia: awww ... xoxo

  15. Jaw Sanggin: thank you mem! :)

    Frouline: hehe ya lama sudah tidak tengok u jenguk. it's ok. i have a lot of updates for u to follow up with. lol. and thanks!

    Christine Dior: Thank you babe! xoxo yesss do follow up soon!

    @art: mama friend? lol. Amennnnnnn. Thanks!

    CreativeBitchin: Thanks and thanks for coming too Irene! xoxo


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