Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coffee Girl, the quarter of a story...

When I started with this blog, I had half of an idea of what I wanted to write about. I barely remember why after filtering many possible names to call myself, I ended up with Coffee Girl.

Half of the truth behind the name was that this isn't the first blog I ever owned. This is the fourth after the rest were opened and shut down and opened and shut down one after another. And with each blog came a different heading, a different theme, a different idea, and a different name. After the bleak repose and the drama that came with it, the storms eventually calmed down. Coffee Girl came, slowly blossoming, and most importantly, stayed.

Of all the names I chose for myself before, this one is the least likely to live up to its name. Truthfully, I love coffee but so does a million other women in this world. Friends and peers of the fairer sex who took a daily dose of caffeine to enable them to look the world in the eye one challenging day after another. None of us can have that exclusivity. If at all, we all have that right.

What's in a name? I don't have a real agenda. But whatever and whoever has touched my life has made it into these pages. Their stories and mine connected, has been turned into words. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I write incoherently, but surprisingly some readers get me. Sometimes I take aim and miss and sometimes I shoot straight into the air at nothing for reasons unknown or reasons not made known, or no reason at all.

It's the 5th day of November. This is the last month of my life as a single woman. I've always known someday that this part of my life will unfold and that path will be laid in front of me. Ask me if I am scared. Ask me if I am excited. Ask me if I am ready. There are no well-prepped answers for some of life's greatest mystery. The thing to do is have faith and take the reign and enjoy the ride.

Coffee Girl loves coffee, but lately she has revolted. She used to love writing, but now she hardly updates this blog, and apologizing for every remiss. She used to love country music, but lately she stopped Googling for good new songs. She used to love romance novel, but even the last book she bought a year ago stays untouched. She used to love the outdoor and getting sweaty with nature, but her snickers stopped stepping on mud after trekking back from Kinabalu Summit. Has she changed all that much? Perhaps.

Are those good or bad changes? Coffee Girl sees more of the world now, taking trips outside of her comfort zone, stuffs she thought she'd never do or never had the chance to in the past. She takes more care of herself now too, and caring for another. When it comes to evening things up, the lady wins after all. I mean, doesn't love do crazy things to people sometimes?

Writing a blog was the best decision I ever made. It opened the world for me, and the world open up to me. Who's to say what other good things will come out of this?

I don't know where I am actually going with this entry, but when I started, I had a whiff of an idea that some things need explaining. As I reach this line, I believe that some stuffs shouldn't really be explained. Some things are just bigger than what's right in front of you.

I run by a name, but this name isn't mine. This isn't about coffee. This is about life.

Yours truly,
One of the many true blue Coffee Girls.


  1. Hi, it's been a while!

    Hope you're doing great there~

  2. A new milestone!!! :) Congratulations, girl.

    I always enjoy your writing.

  3. Always love reading your posts cuz..entertaining & full of life. Makes me want to keep blogging but always find excuses not to... sigh. ..

  4. I knew u from ur previous blog. Loved u then, love u now. Hehe.. And all those things u said here, all went straight to my heart..

    Enjoy ur last month of singleton! :)

  5. Beautiful blog. Awesome as always.. Enjoy urfinnl month of singleton.

  6. I did not intend to be a "food blogger" when I started but somehow, it has evolved into something like that and it seems that is what most people want so that is what they will get.

  7. Coffee + blogging = immaculately yours

  8. Wish to see the new chapter in your life

  9. Hayley: Hi! Doing awesome! just preoccupied with work and running own life so far. :)

    Rose: Thanks babe! yes... a little nervous but also pretty much excited!

    Dayung Rais: it's therapeutic... sometimes i too wonder why i dont do it more often. And thanks dearest =)

    Fina Sophie: hi new bride!! :)

    Dee Loner: and i love you too! =) oh stimes this excitement is getting the best of me until i get nervous if i forget anything. lol. Thanks babe. Always appreciate your support.

    suituapui: apparently a food blog is quite the in-thing these days. even u love ur food pics. always visit to see where i can go next whenever i run out of idea where to eat. or if i dont know what to eat. so u see, ur blog is useful too! :)

    Adi Herman: Word!

    Sherrie Pui: and soon you will read about it! *if i have time to write abt it*


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