Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today is 'Increase Your Psychic Powers Day'

Oct 31st is what I just said a second ago. No seriously. Google it up. If you think you have psychic ability, you know I'm not bluffing. And if you insist you have psychic power, today is especially created for you.

How to increase it? Try this little exercise: Read my mind. If you can. Go ahead. Predict my next adventure. Need a little clue? 

I feel a hearty localized big-bang breakfast coming next Saturday. Read my lips. And today's short note is brought to you by a dash of coffee imagination and lots of caffeinated visualization.

Coffee and 'kuih cakoi' with coconut-custard filling

p/s: Fare thee well October! And may the odds ever be in my favor. Amen.


  1. Hi Coffeegirl, thanks for guessing in my blog giveaway, but you need to give the reason why I would choose drawer #4 to qualify for the giveaway, hope you don't mind, I want it to be a fair contest to the rest of the bloggers, thanks!

  2. sikia dalam, doik paham kuk ;)

  3. Libby: ok ok haha I will do later.

    ez Vina: hahaha saja ku neh. :)

  4. haha. I wish i have such power but I think i prefer to be a normal person living normal live. :) Have a grwat weekend.

  5. Sedap nya Chakoi and farewell October.

  6. Rose: haha dont we all? u have a great weekend too!

    Willie: sedapppp

  7. If you are really into time try Yunan Chakoi...u can google up the recipe also hehe


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