Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Miracles do happen ...

 "Do you know that we're walking on water?"
"Do you know that only Jesus walked on water?"
"And Peter..."
"And Peter. But then he looked down and almost drowned."
"So don't look down. Keep your eyes on me."
"Exactly what I have been doing all along."
"We're walking on water."
"We're walking on water."


  1. Ugh! Its water...I'm drowning...I'm drowning,
    beach and sunset always gives me frowning,
    but end of days means a new day is dawning,
    and that brings the light of love is spawning

    Ugh! I'm drowning...I'm drowning...

  2. This is not wordless.. I still see wordings! xD

  3. Ez Vina: noooo... air... haha

    Cyril: it was candid... i know right? :)

    marg: heeeeee =)

    Willie: hooplala!

    Garner: hahah... run for the shore! save urself!!

    Adi Herman: haha ya ka ... :)

    Hayley: hehe it's a looooooong caption

    Libby: not really, it was water, just shallow...

    Reyanna: <3


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