Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Breakfast Treat Adventure...

Played the role of a dutiful and grateful guest this morning at a discussion session. Since it was early in the morning and I braved the snooze button and the nearly cleared traffic to get there ahead of time, my kind host (bless her heart) understood how terrible it is for brains to function effectively without proper feeding. And so she offered me, and 3 other of her staffs, breakfast at her coffee table in her office..

It was the healthiest albeit weirdest breakfast I ever ate at another's table. Against my better judgment, I actually enjoyed it. Food adventurer and all.

The Menu
Plain low calorie yoghurt ( I like to imagine it is low cal)
Banana slices (raw and half ripe)
Honey cornflakes mixed with crisp nutmegs
Plain coffee and tea

Healthy stuff...

Pour a steady amount of cornflakes in a bowl, drop a few slices of banana however much you prefer, and scoop a generous dollop of plain yoghurt to cover it all. Voila! Mix and feed. Take a sip of coffee in between to wash it down.

I knew my host was eyeing me in private to see how I would deal with that... in fact I did all that with a straight face. So proud of myself for not trying to be a smart-ass and comment on anything, or for not making a joke about whatever. I wouldn't be able to pull it off! Haha. I noticed the other staffs were looking at the breakfast fare a little funny too because two didn't budge until a proper amount of soft prodding by the host. There was no milk for the norm. Dry then. I could hear myself crunching and talking and her crunching and biting and talking and the rest crunching and discussing.

Mashed and mixed ...

It was healthy. It was colourful. It was unfamiliar. It was happening. It was unusual. It was adventure. For me. And a good discussion it turned out to be too. If I had lived overseas for the past four years, I probably would've done the same to my guests... introduce my friends to something new and healthy in everyday meal. But then again, I'd miss my local fares too much.

On a usual day, I take whatever I'm offered and be thankful for it. But also on a normal day, I still prefer my coffee to go with Laksa Sarawak or Kolok Mi or Charsiew Pau or Mee Sua or Nasi Lemak for breakfast. I'm Asian, it's how I was raised. Eating a heavy meal in the beginning of the day is alright, probably less encouraged, but it normally keeps me full until dinner. Whatever works, right?

My kinda talk baby! Laksa Sarawak!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. So how do you normally take yours?


  1. U breakie ngan Pn Rashidah kah.... hehe.. nice

  2. For breakfast we have to eat like a King what...;)

  3. Laksa Sarawak looks appetizing!!

  4. Yogurt + banana + honey cornflakes = marvelous! Gonna try it later on!

  5. Tia: iya... hehe. i jeles tengok dia maintain saja over the years. makan yoghurt hari2.

    Ez Vina: ya betul! play like a slave, eat like a King!

    Hayley: It is! have u tried one? u shd... totally. i can recommend u a few good laksa place in kuching, if u come here

    Adi Herman: haha it looks weird but it's not that bad, just have to get used to it. but it doesnt make me feel full, that's the problem. silakan coba

  6. i haven't had Sarawak Laksa for weeks.. and I'm gonna get it this week after seeing that pic of yours T_T

  7. Looks interesting..maybe I will try that.. if in my house coincidently have all that. Hehe

  8. For me, the perfect breakfast is sauseges, eggs, bread, and orange juice. :D

    Happy Friday, Coffee Girl!

  9. ahlost: Yay! Good luck with that! I just had mine from Mdm Tang. Not my first choice, but just to settle the craving. Kata somebody. haha

    ztie: Haha ok. u can alternate banana with strawberry. or durian! hahah no wait... dont. gassy kelak lol

    Arms: Sounds like a western one. but good also on alternate mornings. Happy Friday to u too Arms! Have an awesome weekend!

    Willie: yumm!

  10. slurps!! i love both the yogurt and the laksa!!!!!! give meee!!

  11. Teringin nak buat pagi-pagi sarapan macam tu memang ada tapi bila dah bangun malas. Jadi, coffee ajela pagi-pagi to start the day. Laksatu nampak best. Udangtu nampak melambai-lambai.Marila,marilah. Hehehehe

  12. Yienyien: me too! me too! :p

    Mohd Shafid: sama... memang ingin nak makan sihat berkhasiat tiap pagi, apakan daya... Laksa tu lah makanan paling enak di dunia time lapar breakfast. :-)

  13. Yup!!! I'd have any of local favourites...anytime!!!

  14. the yogurt was nice, low calories and great taste, thanks for the idea

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  16. That's a really nice combination which I would definitely try in the future. Maybe soon :)

    But maybe after I finish my Koko Krunch hahaa.


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