Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rock and otter-roll!

Hello. Here for some more eye-rolling moment!

Sorry I've been remiss, yet again. Between bouncing on cloud nine and living A Life, it gets pretty lively every now and then. Rip-roaring one minute, languorous the next. Always unpredictable, but it gets things done. 

Don't have anything specific to write about today. Nothing that could top the previous entry anyway. That was a complete enormous news that the only way I can top it is by having something bigger happening. All in good time, people, all in good time. I don't get here by rushing, so I'm not going to start now.

But I've been bugged about not updating more than once by the faithfuls, so, supposed this is a good entry. Hey, I'm wearing a bright stone on my left hand's second finger -- after the pinkie. Shall I do that with more gusto? Here goes...


Hahaha. I can't seem to fathom it. It's like I'm still not used to being this girl that that guy went on his one knee and proposed to. He did, he went on his knee, although you probably didn't see that in the video. It was too fast, too sudden, too unreal, I didn't even have time to properly appreciate him suddenly bending on one knee. But I did say YES. So, that's all that mattered. Right?

I know I know... you want to roll your eyes now reading me. Go ahead roll 'em. Hahaha. I don't blame you, but I don't care either. :p Everybody have their moments, and this is mine, so I'm going to indulge while it lasts.


Do you know that otters hold hands while they sleep so they don't drift away from each other?

Sea otters are a marine mammal which can be found on the coasts of the Northern Pacific Ocean and are the largest member of the weasel family. They have the densest fur in the whole animal kingdom, ranging from 250,000 to one million hairs per square inch. Now that’s a lot of fur!

So, why do they hold hands?

Sea otters will often float in groups (called rafts) whilst they eat, rest and sleep. A raft of otters can be anything from two otters to hundreds! And, whilst they are rafting, it is well known that they will all hold hands to stay together in their group. Also, the sea otter will use sea plants that grow from the ocean floor which they will wrap themselves up in, which helps keep them from drifting away.

Pics courtesy of Google and  

I got these (copied word by word) from Just borrowing them for awhile. People hold hands for a varying degree of reasons, but mostly for affection, comfort, and security. Find those in a person and never let go. You'll get there eventually, but don't rush it.

I found my Significant Otter, and life has been otterly amazing!

Ok bye! I'll shut up now! Hahaha


  1. cute the otters! So lovingly romantic. Hmmmm...very lovely ring. When's the big day? Inviting me or not...*kulit tebal mode* Hehehehehe!!!!!

  2. 1) I love your watch !! So pretty !!!

    2) So, you finally managed to figure out with finger to wear the engagement ring.. hahaha..

    3) I'm sorry for not noticing you and Cyril at GSC last night. I remember i saw you guys at the junk food counter but I wasn't sure if I got the correct people. :x

    4) when are we meeting up again? hahahaha !!

  3. Congratulations!! Very nice ring... :)

  4. You have found your Harry Otter (instead of Harry Potter, if you what i mean) hehe...congrats sis!

  5. suituapui: i know right? :p Big day not yet, soon. let me know if ur in kch, sure the future dad in law will love to meet u. =)

    ez vina: Yayyy! :p

    ahlost: 1. thanks! cheap saja ma. 2.yes haha finally! thank u google. of coz ma 1st time for everythg. 3. ya lah huhuhu. we also saw u at the food counter but wasnt sure it was u until we walked in the hall. it's ok. 4. i donno, next food review maybe lo?

    reana: thanks! prettiest thing i ever owned. :)

    Adi Herman: hahaha Harry otter! altho i dont watch the Potter kid. thanks bang!

  6. ngehehehe... congrats again you... !

    hope to see you guys soon.!

  7. Dee Loner: hhehe thanks babe!! hope to see u soon too!


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