Monday, July 8, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet Review: Balik Kampung with Four Points By Sheraton

And I quote: There is no sincerer love than the love of food. And so long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.

Right? Well loosen that belt and make room for many cheat days because in a few more days, the Ramadan season will be on us again! And like a promise kept, there will be plenty of food everywhere in the country throughout the Fasting month.
This year, I had the privilege to try out Four Points by Sheraton Kuching 'Balik Kampung Ramadhan Feast'' at its only restaurant, The Eatery. [A little bit on the restaurant: The Eatery is a multiple-award-winning restaurant and its banquet kitchens have been recertified as 'halal' in accordance with the new guidelines issued by the Sarawak Islamic Council. So there you have it.]

Chocolate cake! All geared up for Raya?

The "Balik Kampung" style buffet is being featured via the Eatery's eight open concept kitchens. Wide and spacey, plenty of room for everybody, perfect for group dining or adjustably romantic for  couple's night out. The buffet will showcase some of the best traditional Malay cuisines including the hard-to-come-by desserts and appetizers, and interspersed with the The Eatery's long standing favorites. However, I think I was too hungry and too excited to remember to take pictures of all the delicious stuffs I ate, but no matter, you can always give it a try yourself next time.

Roast Arabic whole lamb with Basmati rice...

The main course, roast Arabic whole lamb is just juicy enough. The only thing I find missing is the black pepper sauce, it would've been perfect to go with the lamb cutlets. Served instead with Basmati rice, it makes a perfect lamb briyani.

Dinner is served! ...

Then there's the Indonesian Bakso soup, prepared with 10 types of condiments. Soup is best served piping hot and chilli hot for that sniffling effect.

Bakso ...

They even incorporate some local elements into this awesome looking pizza - Beef serunding (beef floss) Rending! I can't decide if it was the floss or the soft-hard crust pizza base that I like better, but they make a pretty decent combination.

 Beef serunding pizza...

And the usual colorful lok-lok for the health-conscious.

 Lok lok

Midin shrimp salad anyone? I was told the chef used fresh tiger prawn for this crowd-pleaser dish. You can't go wrong with midin, people. After all, it's uniquely Sarawak.

Midin shrimp salad...

If you notice, I normally mix and match the desserts with the appetizers and the main course. They go well in one plate and you can pick whichever you want to try first. The beauty of eating buffet style.

My favourite part of this whole buffet dining has got to be the desserts. The sweetmeats, exotic finger food, bite-size pretty delicacies ... I can get full on just those alone. I mean, check out this sweet Arabic Baklava! Four Point's The Eatery reportedly has the best crunchiest moist baklava in town. I gotta agree. They are sweet and poignant, just enough to store itself inside the memory, for next time in case of that craving.

Sweet Arabic Baklava...

And the usual traditional kuih-muih to wrap things up (or to start them off, whichever way you prefer). They also served lemang, ketupat, satay and rendang... but none for this preview for now. Wash it all down with sweet Air Bandung, and you're good to go. Or fruit juices, or coffee, to each his own taste.

Cucur sayur/udang...

And our compliments to the hotel's culinary team, for dishing out a 'great variety, great food and great value' buffet. That's their tagline anyway.

One for the camera...

Four Points by Sheraton will start showcasing the Ramadhan Balik Kampung Feast beginning on the first day of fasting which is on this 10th July, until the eve of Syawal.

For RM80nett per person, I'd say this is a good deal and a great option for your Berbuka Puasa. Group dining discount of 10% will be given for every 10 - 19 adults, and a further 15% discount  for a group of 20 pax and above. Bring your kids along too. Children below 12 are entitled to a 50% discount. Babies below 3 years of age eat for free (like they even eat that much :p).

That wraps things up. Thank you Sarawak Bloggers and Four Points by Sheraton Kuching for the opportunity to do a preview on this Ramadhan Buffet. And to my Muslim friends and acquaintances, Happy Fasting in advance!

For reservations, call 082- 280888.


  1. Time flies right?

    It's Ramadhan soon!! I miss those yummy Raya food!

  2. get invited to food review events in Kuching too? Too such thing here. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Looking at those foods just making me hungry. Hmmm...of all the desserts served that night, I missed my fair share of the ice-cream. I want that huhu.

  4. Wow! This is madness...i dont know how to react about these wonderful foods. Keroncong music is now playing in my stomach.

  5. Hayley: will be hunting for my favorite tako! *google search image it*

    suituapui: Under Sarawak Bloggers, yes. :) sometimes, not all the time. Here as in Sibu you mean?

    Garner: oo forgot to include the ice cream pix, now that u mention it.

    Adi Herman: hahah lapar ho

  6. Great food and great company! =)

    The baklava was so delicious!

  7. Dahsyat hotel-hotel. Belum start puasa buffet dah start promo dah. The tak best partnya, dah susah nak cari bawah RM50.00. Nak hantar quote harga kat boss pun tak sampai hati.

  8. Willie: yeahhh :)

    Cyril Dason: .. and great mood! =) we can go back u know ;)

    Mohd Shafid: Haha ya promo bah. Memang takda yg bawah RM50 dah, kalau nak pun masak sendiri di rumah. :p Selamat puasa ya!

  9. Awww.. food.. and time really flies. tmr starts fasting already.

  10. Pizza pun ada juga. Lawala hehee.

    Oya, why do you use flash to take pictures. Supaya sharp ka. :)

    Happy Friday tomorrow, Coffee Girl!

  11. ahlost: 2 days already! as we speak. hahaha

    Arms: haha ya lawa. why i use flash? because the environment was super romantic. not bright enough like that. and also for it to look sharp. (can see kah pakai flash? wah... pandai!) Happy Friday to you too Arms! :-)


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