Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breaking News from the Engagement Bureau!


As of last night, that is.
At 8.45pm.
17th July 2013.
At Starbucks, Kuching Airport.
In my hooded sweater and shortpants.
Because I thought we were going out for coffee. 

About a year ago, this place was where we had our first coffee meetup (or date, now that we both can call it that) or to be exact, how he introduced me to caramel macchiato. And that was the exact sofa we sat on talking about nothing in particular, just getting to know one another. Was nervous as a wreck back then. Sweaty palms and all, while waiting for my flight to KL for a week's work. When we parted, unsure and awkward, I held out my hand for a shake because it felt like I had failed a test and that probably deserved a polite thank you. The man didn't even acknowledged the hand, he pulled me (backpack and all) for a quick big warm hug. Which is never done. By me at least. If you know me.

You know, that was when I saw a glaring flash of silver lining in the sky and felt someone up there was whispering 'It's going to be alright girl. Don't worry for a single thing...'

Ok that's just a glimpse of the past for you. I shall not document the rest of the personal details in here because it might either bore you, or you'd throw up with too much sweet stuffs, or you'd looked funny and say 'so what', you know... but since it's not an everyday occasion in a girl's life, it deserves a special treatment.

The empty caramel macchiato cup with the ring in it, and the loveliest sentence ever...

And for the record, Coffee Girl actually loves all coffee black and strong, but Caramel Macchiato will always be special, see?

I'm dying to tell you all about it, but my Significant Otter already beat me to it. And his version is sooooooo much better! Besides, you'll know why that was not exactly the correct engagement ring finger, but then, I don't really care.

I admit, I didn't expect the proposal to happen last night. In fact, I think my otter instinct went on a holiday on me. Haha. Just sharing this major news with you all because I sayang you all very much and because if it weren't because of Blogging, we probably would never have met. And the rest, like they say, is history.

 borrowed this from le eheart...

I may not be Hollywood superstar material, but who's the happiest girl in the world right now? Wohoooo!

Ok you all have fun now! <3
Ps: I'm still in a shock that it takes effort to write this and even then it's not as articulate as I want it to be. haha


  1. don't know you guys so well so not sure if this is apt but...

    just prior to him meeting you (i assume) i remember hearing him talk about you. he asked, at a food-tasting, if anyone heard of this coffee girl person. he said, you were an amazing writer, with really good content and insight (or something along those lines).

    i heard that tone of admiration in his voice, and my woman's intuition thought, cyril sounds very interested in this coffee girl person hehe.

    wasn't very surprised when he introduced you, months later.

    congratulations though. it's really wonderful to see people make it this far. it just means you've found something really special that you plan on keeping for a long, long time.

    my inner (very suppressed) hopeless romantic is crying tears of joy for you guys.

  2. Wow that's so sweet!! Congrats!

    You must love coffee a lot huh? Hehe, totally different from me~

  3. So so happy for u! Congrats again ( for the 10th times)..

    And yerp, Cyril was right about ur writing. I remember i blogged a one-sentence entry asking ur whereabout when u changed ur blog url some time ago.

    Irony, no?.

    Keep us update with the new big project!:)
    I hear wedding bells d!

  4. Congratulations to both of u!:)

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Shooo shweeettt~... I was reading this & watching the video with Boyce Avenue soundtrack in the back, that just work very well. CONGRATULATION my friend! Wish you guys all the best :)

  6. Congratz! Oh my I get to know your blog thru Cyril too and read thru those single post and now you are engaged! =D

  7. Congratulations! =) Wish you 2 all the best!

  8. am kepoing here shweet la abg cyril kita..hahaha..congrats again Dinah.

  9. Congratulations Dinah.. so so so happy for you and Cyril ❤❤❤

  10. Congratulation Dinah and Cyril...sure does feel happy for both of a good husband and wife in the future ok...oh man, so sweet to see ur fiance propose to u...i wasnt that romantic before to my wife...i went straight to her parents and asked, "can i marry your daughter?" haha pretty extreme right? Haha...

  11. Congratulations!!! Ahhhhh!!!! My friend's son - his father was my housemate in Kanowit when we were teaching there in the early 80's.

    When is the big day?

  12. AWWW!!!!! i smiled when i saw the video. it is sooo sweeet!!! i m soo happie for both of u dinah!! love is in the air.... and u r blushing! hehehe! muahs!

  13. Congratsss! And your other half is cyril!! My ex schoolmate. Hehe. Very happy for both of you ;)

  14. Dephnie Dewi: Thank you! :)

    Willie: Thanks!

    CreativeBitchin: he did? wow. Good to know, esp when all these memorable snatches of stories come together, piece by piece. Thanks for sharing. Well dont u worry, timing is everything. if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. :p Have faith. Thanks again!

    Hayley: Thanks! yes i do, namesake some more. lol. and now coffee just got a whole lot more special. :-)

    LaybirdEileen: Thank you ma'am!

    Dee Loner: thanks dearie! appreciate u being a good new friend since this started. =) Sorry bout that disappearing act. I wont go missing again, i promise. Not with the impending project coming up. stay tuned!

    Fiona: Thank you! =)

    Garner Wyne: Thank you! thank you! thank you! hehe surpriseeeeee!! i know right? lovely songs :p

  15. Sherrie Pui: hahaha blogging is indeed rewarding. How time has changed, so quickly too. Thanks!

    Marg: Thanks! and thanks for dropping by too. :-)

    Reyyanna: makseh oi. for the wishes and for dropping by here. :-)

    ahlost: thanks amoi! muah muah

    Adi Herman: Thanks bang for the wishes. Sure we will. Amen. Well all proposals are special in their own way and im sure ur wife were very flattered.

    suituapui: thanks! really?? small world!! just got smaller!! Big day not yet. :-) Thanks again!

    Yienyien: u can see me blushing meh? haha i looked pale lah, sebab not yet showered coming back from work. haha. But thankssss!

    mr_abs: your exclassmate?? wah... world just got smallllleeerrrrr! hehehe more good that. thanks!

  16. i still feel the video is so lovely !!! hehehehe.. i need to congratulate until you updated a new post Dinah.. hahahaha !!!

  17. With or without cream? Hahahaha. Tahniah.

  18. Haii.. remember me. Long time break from blogging but then today suddenly feel like reminding myself about the old times memories. Bukak blog followers sigek2 then stumble upon this news! C congratulations ! Happy for you both. And I didn't know your name actually dinah. Lol. Bila dh sik aktif gilak blogging, I was on insta and twitter. I read about cyril proposed with the cup photo and such.. and it is to u! Really kch sgtlah kecik sbnrnya kan... congratulations again to both of you! Engagement or wedding news always excited me

  19. ohmygucci what's happening?? lama tidak buka blog. someone's finally engaged!!!! tahniah! :P

  20. ahlost: thanks moi! hahahaha ok ok... got a lot to write but no motivation yet. still on the 'summit' ma...

    Mohd Shafid: Both! and thanks! =))

    ztie: hi hi! vaguely remember u, sapa suruh lamak sik blogging. Gik ada linknya duhal. hehehe. and thanks for the wishes! insta and twt? lak cariknya. yes small world right? getting smaller... Thanks for dropping by after so long again. =)

    Fina Sophie: helllooo! thanks! and congrats to u too. :p

  21. ehehe...mbak ur fiance nangga LP concert in KL. Let's rock! ;)

  22. Oh my goodness! I was following your blog and I didn't know that Cyril is your SIGNIFICANT OTTER. I might have missed so many entries that somehow "terlepas pandang" that important info. I invited him to join a blogger event in Penang 2 years ago but he said you were coming back to Kuching and both of u had not seen each other and spend some time together for a while thus he turned down the offer.

    He puts you in priority and congrats "you got the MAN" dear!

    Looking forward to hear or read many happy news (entries) from both of you.

  23. marg: haha dah sik larat nak gi concert free standing. mun masok Pitt Zone pun, belum gerenti ku dapat nanga sebab rasa pendek. haha. u have fun though! :-)

    rambomadonna: Hi thanks for visiting. :-) But i believe ur confusing me with someone else because 2 years ago that wasn't me... haha. If u read and follow, it mentioned a year ago this whole thing started, although I didn't really blog much (or at all) about my personal emotional life (until this engagement post). Thanks for the wishes, I am blessed indeed.

  24. Congrats coffeegirl, a happy event in the blogging world.

  25. I just saw this due to my busy schedule but WOWWWW! That so cool & romantic!! Awwww~~ You're so lucky! Congrats! :D

  26. Libby: thanksss babe! yes it is! it is soooo is! :D

    dadyana: thanks babe! yes i am indeed blessed! =)


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