Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee... How do you take yours?

As she brews, so shall she drink ...

To the devotee, it's the solution to a problem. 
To the detractor, it's the problem to a solution.

To the addict, it's imperative. 
To the sober, it's inessential.

To the needy, it's a shot that changes the landscape in a second. 
To the non-indulgent, it's a concoction to be avoided at all cost.

To the lover, it's a source of joy. 
To the hater, it's a constant disease.

To me, it's inescapable. 
To you, it's a choice.

How does one brew the perfect cup? One cannot because one's own taste is the boss. But the one rule to the exception applies: You can brew the perfect coffee, simply by loving it unconditionally.

Welcome to my world.

P/s: When I'm good and caffeinated, everything else is irrelevant. That being said, I'm not sure I'm being coherent right now. But you go ahead, have a cup on me!


  1. I still prefer Kopi Susu, any other coffee gives me the gastric...huhu pit me kan?

  2. "To me, it's inescapable"
    that sounds like me :)

  3. White coffee kaw. Tapi dah jarang minum, mun minum mesti fening kefala.

  4. Adi Herman: I like kopi susu too, sometimes. But i still prefer it bitter-ish and black. it's ok, you still drink coffee, so you rock! :p

    Dephnie Dewi: Wohoo! *hi-five!*

    Ez Vina: Oh yes white coffee! sungguh nyaman itu tidak terkata... too strong for u perhaps?

  5. exactly! one's own taste is the boss. i just love my own brewed nescafe, just the way it is. hihi. i can't survive a day w/o it, either coffee or nescafe. any of it will do :D

  6. Wuwuwuwu.. i don drink coffee. Teh c peng can? hehehe!

  7. I love it with extra milk and sugar, I love it sweet.

  8. i like that coffee picha <3

  9. Jesse Miller: hi! welcome to ze coffee place. :) nescafe is nice too, i take it only when there's no coffee around. Happy coffee-ing!

    yienyien: teh c peng for u, can! cheers!

    Libby: u have sweet tooth it seems. :) i like it bitter black and steaming hot!

    ahlost: Bali coffee picha. :p

  10. routine saya. Lepas subuh, masak air sampai cerek menjerit , masuk dalam mug, masuk nescafe 1 sudu+ gula 1.5 sudu. Kacau, pastu letak kat dashboard kereta, bukak radio, drive sampai office untuk 30 minit sambil minum. Nice aje....

  11. Mohd Shafid: 30 minit tu nescafe dah suam suam kan? kalau tak pun membakar lidah. *hifive minum kopi turun keja*

    Libby: AFC - Asian Food Channel. :p

  12. Last 10 minit dah suamla. Tapi bestla. Lagi-lagi tengah tunggu traffic light. Lantakla orang tengok pelik. I like my morning like that.

  13. Mohd Shafid: hahaha u shdve unwind the car window and turn off the aircond and let the traffic smell your nescafe...

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