Friday, May 17, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

My Verdict: I don't care what the critics say, I had fun watching this movie, against my better judgment. Delightfully surprised. Would probably watch again with the right company. And purely from the experience of someone who's been a cynic on Star Trek all her life. The TV series doesn't count.

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Didn't watch any of the Star Trek previous installments so watching this one was purely on a whim. And because given the choice between The Great Gatsby (which I predicted to be depressing at best) and Star Trek Into Darkness (alien cum space war cum high-tech adventure), obviously adventure will always win. (Note: Both movies premiered at the same time.)

Besides, I'm a fan of Chris Pine and that baby blue eyes. He almost didn't pull it off as a gutsy unorthodox Captain, but then, that smooth charm could be deceptive. And my love-hate relationship with Zachary Quinto, well... high time for it to be tested. It's complicated, but if you follow Heroes, you'd understand. I am happy to announce I totally love him in this movie, pointy ears, expressionless face and all. All those tiny constant bickering between the two major characters are so witty, endearing and well... sweet. 

Google pic: Kirk and Spock... Like siblings rivalry 

So I'm a little outdated with this review and the casts. So what? Outerspace movies isn't my thing, as I've told you many times before (with the exception of AVATAR). But if there's a movie I'd recommend you to watch, it's this one. Just for the fun of it.

The last time I saw Karl Urban anywhere was in The Pathfinder, that moccasin clad bloody warrior. I almost didn't recognise him as Dr Bones or Leonard McCoy, all cleaned up and looking the part. He was, if you remember, that exiled Eomer, nephew of the King, in Lord of The Rings. I'm probably just used to seeing him in tattered clothes long hair unshaven face and all. Haha.

Google pic: Karl Urban as Dr Bones

The cast is great, with the addition of Alice Eve as Dr Carol Marcus. I wish they didn't censure that part where she stripped to change uniforms (the only small bit of indecency and hardly harmful part in this whole movie and they had to take it away. Sigh...) it would've been perfect.

The villain in this movie is this great Khan, a species who seems to be unbeaten, almost immortal, but not quite so. I never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch before, but he sure played his part well. I mean, with that pale face, tall lean warrior killing machine body, pale blue eyes, deep baritone voice, and mocking lips, he's like a psycho with a human heart. Well, for the part where he pleaded "Is there anything you would not do for your family?" and a tear ran down his face. Gawd... even I got sucked up into believing him! 

Google Pic: The lone villain... 

There was this short funny moment, when he revealed his real identity... "My name is Khan..." boyfriend and I both chorused "And I'm not a terorrist". And then we cracked up! With that image of Shah Rukh Khan in our heads.

Too bad Christopher Pike had to be eliminated too early in the movie. He's like the father figure the whole Starfleet needs but never had.

Storyline is adventure-simple and yet there's a twist or two. Like you know where it's going but you could be wrong and you don't want to second guess yourself because you might be right and you don't want it to happen that way because it would probably be wrong. Etc... I supposed you should watch it yourself to deliver your own verdict.

As Mr Spock said cooly in the face of death while accepting defeat "We cannot fire and we cannot flee..."... That means, hey you! Bring it on! What have you got to lose? Go get a ticket at GSC CityOne Kuching (highly recommended for that surround-sound experience so you'd feel like drifting in the milky way) or the cinema nearest to you. Playing now!

Good luck watching folks!


  1. They should pay you to do this review coz people would be wanting to go after reading this.

    As for my up-coming review on this, I bet they'd be a few law suits trying to stop it from appearing.. Hahahahah

  2. I scroll down very fast because I've yet to watch this. hahahaha..

  3. Definitely going to watch this. And I need to see The Great Gatsby too .. :)

  4. That guy who plays the villain in Heroes surely is talented! Karl Urban,ermm so far i really like him plays the role of Judge Dredd on Dredd (the reboot version). Nice!

  5. I hear it's good...

  6. Cyrildason: too many review out there, i dont think mine wud even matter for them to pay me. but i had fun, so it was a half half. :-)

    ahlost: hahaha! lucky for u i dont do spoilers. :p

    Dephnie Dewi: Great! Good luck watching!

    Adi Herman: Kan?? Oh i didnt watch Judge Dredd so i wont know. I only half watch the original version of Judge Dredd (which Sly in it, and it wasnt so good...)

    suituapui: it is, least i say so

    Simple Person: neither was i at first until i sat there prepared for everything and it was awesome!

  7. Dah tgk juak, best. Puas hati thk 3D

  8. I also didn't watch the previous Star Trek stuff and I have to decide between The Great Gatsby and this movie, too! However, lots of reviews say that both films are great ;)
    And you're right, I know that the novel of Gatsby has a quite depressing ending.

    ♥ Maho

  9. Hi Coffee Girl, I have lost touch with movies having not stepped into a cinema ages. Anyway, I resort to Youtube movies for my entertainment when free.
    Always love your stylish eloquence......and very impressed with your narrating about the shows. Outstanding!
    Have fun and keep a song in your hear.

  10. Good to hear that non-Star Trek fans are enjoying the movie!

  11. Ez Vina: Best kan? Suka part Spock dan Kirk gaduh. haha

    Maho: so did u end up watching both or either one if so then which one? lol. I read the Great Gatsby when i was in Form 3 i think, have quite forgotten how it went but remembered that it was a sad ending. so yeah...

    Uncle Lee: Thanks! Youtube movies is not bad as well except they're not that clear sometimes or it just doesnt create the feeling of watching a movie, if u know what i mean. but u have a good day Uncle!

    Outpost Events: haha slowly converted, altho for the life of me i dont know why it took such a long time...

  12. Hi Coffee Girl! Really amazing blog! And I can especially connect to it's content because I love coffee so much! (I'm trying to cut down on it though, I got too addicted)
    And I really like the review, I have to go see Star Trek finally!
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  13. i come to burn the spiderwebs :D

  14. Zuzanna: Hi thanks for the visit. Most of my reviews are just for sharing and glad some ppl find it helpful to decide their next course of action, and yes sometimes it's nice having it recognised in a way. if u promise no spam, sure will get in touch. :-)

    ahlost: hahaha wait for it... still reeling from holiday blues. dont kill mah spider! theyll mutate!!


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