Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little way too unwell...

Familiarity either breeds contempt, or nurtures tenderness. At some point, you're bound to remember names of something you keep in close contact with. Like your prescribed drugs. Including the active chemical ingredients.

Left for daytime intake, right for night-time baby-sleep quality

Like everything with a season, the flu bug stung a lot of people in my surrounding, so I must've caught it from someone. No fun being sick at a time like this, just when the new Cabinet lineup has just been announced, and with the pre-planned vacation just around the corner. Takes the fun out of blogging about it. Day 7 and the lumpy feeling at the back of the throat just itches to be scratched.

So nothing heavy today. No head-cracking post. No deep talk. No emotional drama. Just lots of mucus, phlegm, sticky spit, bitter aftertaste, and wet tissues. Hoping to bounce back with more energy and savory posts soon.

 Office companion...

Meanwhile, at the risk of being too dependent on doctor-prescribed medication, what's the best home remedy for sore throat and stubborn flu, anyone?


  1. Drink warm water with honey my dear....

  2. I hate the cough syrup. Make me sleepy only. I am taking it now. Still recovering from flu and cough.

    I heard hot lemon juice is good to cure flu.

    You take care there! Drink lots of water and rest well.

  3. One of the remedy that i really recommend for you is natural honey! It works for me. Google up some info about honey and its benefits hehe...

  4. Take good care and speedy recovery!!

  5. Get well soon ya.
    Ku suka ubat batuk chap ibu dan anak jak.

  6. gosh. I dislike being sick too.

    Rest well and recover soon ya *hugs*

  7. Tia: i morelike drank cough syrup all night long... hahaha

    Rose: that's the point, to make you drowsy. haha and sleeps better. but when u wake up, the coughing starts again. sigh... And thanks, i will.

    Adi Herman: natural honey? tried that, altho not really a fan. hahaha awal dah i googled ya. thanks for the tip!

    Hayley: Thanks babe!

    Ez Vina: Thanks dear. Ku suka Bena Expectorant ya. nyaman....

    ahlost: thanks for the hugs moi!


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