Friday, May 17, 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

My Verdict: I don't care what the critics say, I had fun watching this movie, against my better judgment. Delightfully surprised. Would probably watch again with the right company. And purely from the experience of someone who's been a cynic on Star Trek all her life. The TV series doesn't count.

  Google pic

Didn't watch any of the Star Trek previous installments so watching this one was purely on a whim. And because given the choice between The Great Gatsby (which I predicted to be depressing at best) and Star Trek Into Darkness (alien cum space war cum high-tech adventure), obviously adventure will always win. (Note: Both movies premiered at the same time.)

Besides, I'm a fan of Chris Pine and that baby blue eyes. He almost didn't pull it off as a gutsy unorthodox Captain, but then, that smooth charm could be deceptive. And my love-hate relationship with Zachary Quinto, well... high time for it to be tested. It's complicated, but if you follow Heroes, you'd understand. I am happy to announce I totally love him in this movie, pointy ears, expressionless face and all. All those tiny constant bickering between the two major characters are so witty, endearing and well... sweet. 

Google pic: Kirk and Spock... Like siblings rivalry 

So I'm a little outdated with this review and the casts. So what? Outerspace movies isn't my thing, as I've told you many times before (with the exception of AVATAR). But if there's a movie I'd recommend you to watch, it's this one. Just for the fun of it.

The last time I saw Karl Urban anywhere was in The Pathfinder, that moccasin clad bloody warrior. I almost didn't recognise him as Dr Bones or Leonard McCoy, all cleaned up and looking the part. He was, if you remember, that exiled Eomer, nephew of the King, in Lord of The Rings. I'm probably just used to seeing him in tattered clothes long hair unshaven face and all. Haha.

Google pic: Karl Urban as Dr Bones

The cast is great, with the addition of Alice Eve as Dr Carol Marcus. I wish they didn't censure that part where she stripped to change uniforms (the only small bit of indecency and hardly harmful part in this whole movie and they had to take it away. Sigh...) it would've been perfect.

The villain in this movie is this great Khan, a species who seems to be unbeaten, almost immortal, but not quite so. I never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch before, but he sure played his part well. I mean, with that pale face, tall lean warrior killing machine body, pale blue eyes, deep baritone voice, and mocking lips, he's like a psycho with a human heart. Well, for the part where he pleaded "Is there anything you would not do for your family?" and a tear ran down his face. Gawd... even I got sucked up into believing him! 

Google Pic: The lone villain... 

There was this short funny moment, when he revealed his real identity... "My name is Khan..." boyfriend and I both chorused "And I'm not a terorrist". And then we cracked up! With that image of Shah Rukh Khan in our heads.

Too bad Christopher Pike had to be eliminated too early in the movie. He's like the father figure the whole Starfleet needs but never had.

Storyline is adventure-simple and yet there's a twist or two. Like you know where it's going but you could be wrong and you don't want to second guess yourself because you might be right and you don't want it to happen that way because it would probably be wrong. Etc... I supposed you should watch it yourself to deliver your own verdict.

As Mr Spock said cooly in the face of death while accepting defeat "We cannot fire and we cannot flee..."... That means, hey you! Bring it on! What have you got to lose? Go get a ticket at GSC CityOne Kuching (highly recommended for that surround-sound experience so you'd feel like drifting in the milky way) or the cinema nearest to you. Playing now!

Good luck watching folks!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little way too unwell...

Familiarity either breeds contempt, or nurtures tenderness. At some point, you're bound to remember names of something you keep in close contact with. Like your prescribed drugs. Including the active chemical ingredients.

Left for daytime intake, right for night-time baby-sleep quality

Like everything with a season, the flu bug stung a lot of people in my surrounding, so I must've caught it from someone. No fun being sick at a time like this, just when the new Cabinet lineup has just been announced, and with the pre-planned vacation just around the corner. Takes the fun out of blogging about it. Day 7 and the lumpy feeling at the back of the throat just itches to be scratched.

So nothing heavy today. No head-cracking post. No deep talk. No emotional drama. Just lots of mucus, phlegm, sticky spit, bitter aftertaste, and wet tissues. Hoping to bounce back with more energy and savory posts soon.

 Office companion...

Meanwhile, at the risk of being too dependent on doctor-prescribed medication, what's the best home remedy for sore throat and stubborn flu, anyone?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Politically correct ...

Note: This is a rare post on politics ... well not entirely.

Back from the brink and not getting any wiser.

I have been sitting on the fence too long watching the world go by. It gets bored sometimes perched up there with nothing to do but observe, learn a little, cheering, jeering, being judgmental, having plenty of ideas, all talks, but not really getting involved. It feels like going to a battle that I wasn't a part of and just stand on the side while other people kill or be killed.

Ok, maybe not that dramatic. Life doesn't revolve around me and my coffee induced rants, right?

But let's face it. When it comes to politics -- my least favorite topic these days -- everyone has an opinion. Everyone. Top to bottom. The politicians most of all. The voters. Even those who don't vote. Even those not of voting age. Even those far away overseas who can't or won't come home to vote. Even those who aren't even from this country. I'm not blaming you, I belong to one of the category above. Nothing wrong with giving an opinion, I'm about to hand one (or two) myself today. However, an opinion remains as what it is -- An Opinion. Subject to neither right nor wrong.

The still-warm General Election 2013 (yes the very same, so go ahead stop reading whenever you feel like it because here comes another opinion from the sidelines you probably have heard before...) left a lot to be desired. You know the results yourself, look it up. The dominant political party Barisan Nasional (BN) won the majority seats, almost by a close call, although personally I won't call it a good victory considering the People's Alliance rose up in great force this season and almost managed to tip the scale of time to create history. Almost, but not quite there. A small victory for them.

On the other hand, let me deliver this while I'm still precariously roosting up here. I support no party but my own. Election is finally over. But didn't somebody say it was only the beginning?

I love my country, but the people in it are getting more and more advanced with their words and attitude and those do not necessarily bring about a good thing. Thanks to social media, you can say just about anything you want and damn the consequences. All the good values and proper upbringing at risk of going down the drain in all those status updates, comments, replies, shared links, supportive or non-supportive mentions, derogatory remarks, big pompous words, seemingly intelligent outbursts, drama. The Internet brings about a lot of good, but it's also a harmful tool. Weapon, if you may.

Start them young ...

With all the political drama going on in our country these past few weeks -- one that saw the supporters instead of the candidates, going to war against each other -- it's any wonder that we're even standing straight and taking it all in stride. I believe this season we're a step ahead (or backward depending on how you read it) what's with all the ruckus some people created to draw attention to  themselves. Using abusive words to hurt and slur your very neighbor, sowing seeds of hatred, teaching kids to discriminate and choose for themselves a vicious path ... Nasty. And then you blame the younger generations for inciting rage and wrath, but you forgot maybe you started it and didn't remember it.

Mouths faster than the brains. Quick to anger, slow to listen. When provoked, influenced by peers, thinking you're somehow following the flow, going where people go... You crack. No, WE crack. Fumbling. Flustered. We responded. Reacting without taking enough time to catch our breath. We stop thinking about all manners of things good and kind. We forget our values, our faith, our upbringing, our friends, most of all, our God who sees all things.

All in the name of defending ourselves, our beliefs, our rights. We're not even going to war and yet here we are shooting virtual venomous ammos at each other. It must be a sign of the end time.

Truly One Malaysia ... and more

Somewhere in the world's most published book I read, "...he who sheds blood in peacetime, will never go to his grave in peace...". A troubling thought, isn't it. Whose God in this world, do you think, teaches His congregations to stir hate and causes strife? None. Or is there? Perhaps you can show me so I would shut it now and stop typing.

*Paused for breath*

So somebody won. Somebody almost won. Not a landslide win, but a win nonetheless. So give it a chance and embrace it. All sides have been given ample (if not too much) time to pitch their sales. All those 5 previous years in the record to show their mettle, make improvements, do stuffs for the good of the people... However you treat those years behind you will determine the votes against or for you.

Winning a seat isn't your personal and individual victory, Sir. Losing a seat doesn't mean you're a horrible leader either, Sir. Remember this isn't about YOU or the POLITICAL PARTY that backed you up. This is about WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE COUNTRY. WE THE NATION.

The die is cast. Be a sport and accept the general r.e.s.u.l.t no matter how hard it is to swallow for some or how unexplainably allegedly unfair it seems. But you wasting your breath isn't going to change the results. Or make the 5 years term run faster.

I love my country. No matter which way the votes swing, I will still be grateful for all the good stuffs I have gained, friends I make who hail from various culture background, abundant of great unique food, the facilities, job opportunities, and the lists is pretty long. See... when you stop to smell the roses, you will probably be able to appreciate a lot more than those.

Development ...

Why would you pit one religion against another? It's just not done. Besides, if God had wanted it any other way (here I go again dragging the Deity into this, but you asked for it, o ye of little faith) He would've tipped the scale to the other side, no assistance from mere mortal like us needed. If this is how we react in the face of internal political strife, God help us when we actually face real bloody war.

Stop being such a sour puss. Don't you have a job to do?

P/s: If you're offended, no apology is going to be issued, not for stating opinions anyway. If you're hilarious, go ahead laugh. If you're thinking I'm pro-something, get it off your head. I'm not. Just a concerned citizen.