Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home at last!

Oh hello lovelies. I'm back!

Lapsed a month, didn't I?

I barely know where to begin, or how.

I have so many incredible stories to write, including the ones I owe a few people.

About the places I've been to (no matter that they are my own backyard), the people I've met, the adventures (and misadventures) I've had, the FOOD I ate (oh trust me, there are many new ones to be discovered everyday), and all the little stuffs that make the journey bearable.

After weeks on end being away on tour of duty ... right now, I'm just happy to be home. JUST RIGHT WHEN THE PARLIAMENT IS FINALLY DISSOLVED! Talk about!

Ok I shall get right back to writing after I post this entry.

I shall leave you with this remnants of memory in Lawas, a small quiet hospitable town in Limbang Division. This little food is called Ambuyat (in some parts of Sarawak) or Linut (in another part of Sarawak) or you may just call it Boiled Sago for what it actually is. One of the most addictive food I've ever eaten.

These folks in Lawas eat this with spicy watery sweet prawn paste (sambal belacan cair manis). However I grew up eating this with fermented durian soup (sup tempoyak). Both ways are acceptable, and both ways are pretty potent, if I say so myself.

Ok bye! Be right back!


  1. Pandei kau mkn benda ya owh...Aku fail mkn benda tok. Hehehe

  2. Welcome back from wherever you went to! Quick, share and scream all your happy stories here....

    BTW do you remember me? LOL

  3. kembang liur nangga gambar linut ya..

  4. Welcome back!! And wow! The way you describe the food, makes me drooling!

  5. Ms Tikot: pandei! nyaman bah

    Twilight Man: hahaha of course i remember you. :-) and thanks! stay tuned!

    Korawk: =) pedas sambal ya

    Rose: thanks! good to be back! =)

  6. Welcome back!

    Yes, finally the Parliament is dissolved, lots to expect now!

  7. Wow ! U went to Lawas before! Cool place sis!

  8. Hayley: heyyy! :-) yes finally!

    Adi Herman: yes a few times. small nice isolated place. :-)

  9. Been years and years since I was last in Lawas - the days of the twin otter. Oooo...lovely beads!!! And linut!!! Gosh! I haven't had that for soooo long! Yeah, we dip in some watery sambal balacan with asam eat. Nice!!! Slurpsssss!!!!!!

  10. suituapui: glad u know how to eat that thing. some people usually cringe back in horror. haha


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