Friday, April 26, 2013

Crafted By Mei ... Living the dream...

I have a confession to make: I have been seriously indulging in online shopping for the past month. You'd think that constant traveling would lessen it, but NO. Traveling encourages it more! What's with the constant long lonely hours in the hotel room and strong Internet signal ... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Right ladies?

My point is: I've discovered another site for my trinket collection. Actually this site has been there awhile, I've browsed through the entries many times and even contemplated on buying something, but usually ended up didn't. So by 'discovered', I meant I purchased something from there just for experiment sake. And voila! What a delight the whole experience turned out to be!

Quite like my previous passion with romance novels which has now slowly dwindled due to my own er private emotional life steadily taking off. But that's another story. Oh how I can go on and on!

So anyway lovelies, have you ever heard of Crafted By Mei? If you haven't already, you should be.

Last week I got a little brave and made contact with Mei, inquiring about her latest charm bracelets. Her First Steps series kinda caught my fancy so strongly that I just couldn't help myself. (Hello, sounds like an online-shopaholic ho...). She responded promptly and her tone was quite cheerful but at the same time, professional. To cut the story short and a few emails between us later...

TADAAA! My First Steps bracelet. Made of (ok here comes the fancy cute names) Flower Cabochon, Padparadscha AB Swarovski Heart, Matte Orange Flat Oval Chinese Crystal, Coral Red Faux Pearl Bead, Light Peach Chinese Crystal Doughnut, Footstep Charm and Live Your Dream Charm (as seen below on my chubby wrist).

'Live your dream' it says, as if I have been neglecting just that lately. 

 Complete with the necklace series ...

I'm a sucker for sweet wraps and lovely creative packaging. Even if the inside sucks (which this one totally didn't), the outer part would always make up for it a little. This lady is serious.

Packaging was really nice ... really really nice...

 This is how a woman who means business makes a deal that really impresses...

And you know what sealed the deal? Her really big dreams and her courage. I followed her on Facebook after this initial purchase, and what I discovered totally changed my perception of her. (Sorry Mei, I am going to borrow your Facebook page a bit).

I discovered lovely Mei is actually wheelchair bound, as was mentioned in a Magazine article and her previous post (read here to know more) .I emailed her to say I was sorry about her condition and guess what she replied?

In her own words to me: "... One is not defined by whether he sits or stands. I am truly fine..."

Pretty girl with big dreams living it everyday...

I was touched by how positive she looks at life, and I reflected on myself and how different I am from her in so many ways. I can be quite a whiner sometimes when things don't go my way.  Or silently going through a series of passive regression, like a time bomb, when encountering a negative experience.

But this girl? She got back right up, and I don't know how she did it, but she did and she's doing something that she loves right now. Very good at it too. She can be ok with her condition, while I was swamped with guilt and sympathy. (Not a good combination sometimes especially when dealing with someone of less advantage than you). Girl, you'd make a good role model for all these able-bodied youths out there. And to some of the older ones with diminishing dreams.

So now I'm here to stay! Wohoo! Her handcrafted jewellery is perfect for birthday gifts to BFFs, parting souvenirs, or simply for your own wear to match with party or function attires. They're quite an eye-catching stuff.

Thank you Mei. :-) God bless your online business.

NOTE: Lesson learned for the day: I should start on that novel project already. Live MY dream for once!


  1. Babe how much is yours like that? how do you choose the charms that you wan?

  2. Wow seriously?? Those bracelets are so so nice!!

  3. Oh ha! Who needs a romantic novel when you are in love and is experiencing it yourself right?

    Enjoy your online shopping though. No harm done.

  4. Rose: I know right? =)

    Jacqueline Cheong: Those set is around RM60+. if u custom add wud be a bit additional. You can just directly email her for the choice you want, or u can customise too. WHy dont u go to her blog or FB and browse thru. Once u find something u like, just contact her. =) That's what i did.

    Hayley: It is!! im planning to purchase something else too. :p

    Willie: hahaha you're right. Living the romance. And better than the book. Thanks.=)

  5. Live your dream sis! Make some good novels...hehe
    This story about Mei really inspired me some ways i am intrigued by her spirit

  6. Nice packaging; comes with inspiring story.

  7. Adi Herman: Hey hey! :-) gotta push myself to get those ideas out for any novel. sigh...

    Ez Vina: pretty packaging right? personalised.

  8. Really need to live our dreams an encouraging post

  9. I am now living my dreams by being a teacher

  10. Libby: thanks. Wow ur living ur dreams, that's really nice. i have yet to achieve mine. sigh...


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