Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Steady hands sturdy feet settled heart ...

9.49pm on the eve of Valentine's Day. A bit of time to update the abandoned blog before all resolutions fly out the window.

Doing not too bad lately considering the game and the current score. The mind is currently on a semi-recess. The Chinese New Year weekend was a welcoming reprieve, however short and unfocused it may be.

Rushing for sunset in Miri ...

The brain has been on a mental workout since I started work on 2nd January of this year. All the KPIs to list down, record, perform and then measured. All the work-related travel to endure or enjoy, whichever way you want to take it. It has been non-stop since the beginning of the year, but hey... not one to complain right now (at least not to general public on social media network). We take a deep breath every chance we got.

The soul is sunbathing in the glow of a pretty awesome -- and sometimes somewhat unfathomably  amazing -- relationship. My emotion included. The adjectives as proof. Say no more.

Some say love are stuffed cuddly animals...

And the body. Well. Looks like the pretty curves aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Between standing on the feet all day long in 2 inch heels a week ago running around with a walkie talkie during the office gala dinner function, and again while in Miri two weekends ago, and again the weekends before that in Bintulu, it has been ridiculously physically straining. Why that didn't do much, if at all, for the weight, is stupefying. The whole resolution to take the stairs instead of the elevator which started on a good note... went down the drain a few days upon returning to work from the endless journey. Sometimes taking the flights feels like taking a bus on a normal route home to and fro.

Kuching from up above...

Shall not talk about the glorious food along the way, because I'm sure some judgmental side of you (the readers) will put two and two together and sum up that the generous hard-to-shed curves on the vital corners were the results of over indulgence. Yes that too but oh if you only knew how constant traveling makes you get hungry so fast it messes with your meal schedule. Between the next city or the next flight, there's always new food to be discovered, or rediscovered, depending on the company you hang out with or the amount of work you take up to boost the appetite.

 Right. How do you say no to this?

It seems that everytime the job changes, the remnants of weight from the previous post gets carried forward to the new. Wow. If I get a dollar for every kilo I gain each time I resign and start a new stint elsewhere, I'd be a millionaire and a half by now. Imagine that. 

11.41pm. The ramble ends. This post shall not make it to any newspaper column.Who knew why it took so long to write huh.

11.57pm. I'm hopeless. Zzzzz...


  1. LOL. Glad you have a Valentine to celebrate with this year!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Some tiring tasks and jobs u got there...hey, u were in bintulu before right? Talak bunyi datang sini oooo....

  4. I read sarcasm somewhere in here.. I like =P

    Happy Valentine's Day =)

  5. Lol I am still happy to hear that in spite of your never ending what not work... your love life is blooming and always red :)
    Happy heart's day to you babe.

  6. well....still a very good read dayung!

  7. sunset in miri looks great :) i wish i were there

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