Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolutions, anyone?

It's tough to live among the optimists.

These bunch always make a list of what they want to achieve every beginning of the year. In fact, they started talking about it way even before December of the previous year ends. And sometimes I can't help but poke fun at them for looking too far ahead when they're not even sure if they could achieve any of those endless list, let alone tick them one by one. And if you notice, some actually would recycle (if that's even possible) all the past unfulfilled wishes to the next year in the hope of trying to at least salvage some pride in attempting to fulfill them. Hard work, that.

Oh for sure, no offence to the optimists. In fact I hold you in highest regards (yes for real, that's no-oo, not sarcasm at all) because I was once one of you until sometimes it got too exhausting.

Ok get this: I'm not an optimist. Neither am I -- yes this is me speaking out loud the words from the back of my mind -- a pessimist. I am, if you can call it anything, is a daydreamer who lives the life of a realist. And being a mixed breed of a daydream believer stuck in reality, I too, have a list of things I want to see done or keep doing, not just this beginning of the year, but at all times, while I still breath, Mayan afflicted or not.

So, we don't play around with resolutions because that's what the optimists will do. And me, forever loving to procrastinate and all, do not like to be bogged down with wish list. Instead, here's a little reminder of what I should keep doing.

Note To Self:

#1. Hang On
The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. 

#2. Blog On
Easy reading is damn hard writing. But I have resolved to be consistent in posting.

#3. Keep Calm and Drink Coffee
Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis a good hot cup of coffee.

#4. Keep Dreaming 
The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary. 

#5. ...But Be Realistic
Everything you can imagine is real.

If none of these make sense, that's okay because at the end of the day, like every dreamer out there, I too want a homelier home, a better car, a fatter paycheck, a dream career, a new status, travel the world, be a millionaire. But in order to get that, don't we all need to first discover ourselves and what we truly want and what truly matter?

Hello 2013. How will you fare?


  1. I read 'oak'. Tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree? please? =)

    Anyway, they say real resolutions are the small accurate ones.. That's when you actually achieve something.

  2. Nice post dear sis...i too had fallen into this persona of being pessimist, especillay when invloves with previous resolution that had not yet been fulfill...oh well whattahell...que sera sera...whatever will be, will be...

  3. No resolutions for me- like promises, they're made to be broken. I'd just live life one day at a time and try to be happy and give thanks & praise for every little blessing each passing day.

  4. 2013 - traveling year ;p

    leaving my 8-5 job and go crazy around the world. really hope everything will be ok..

  5. Very good notes!

    Wishing you a better year in 2013!

  6. Dusah leh nai resolution neh, keep only living and rocking sija :)

  7. This tickled me as I have so much similar thoughts like you! I am a good dreamer but very strong willed person. I am a serious coffee addict and my dentist could not fill my cavities with matching "cement" colours. LOL

    Happy New Year!!! Dream on.....

  8. I am not into resolutions anymore.. I suck on fulfilling any of those.. lol
    I just suck... but nice notes you got there for yourself :)
    Happy New Year babe <3

  9. Owh, i don't really have any yet owh Din... Hmmm... Anyway, Happy New Year 2013 Dins!!!...

  10. I always make New Year's resolution although I know I can't complete them all. So that's why mine for this year is to finish any incomplete resolutions from previous years. Wahahaa.

    Hmm since you raised that question, what I truly want is actually very simple. To be near my friends and family. So, I miss them very much now. You know la, seberang laut kan hahaa.

    Happy Wednesday, Coffee Gal.

  11. me hurmm...i don't know haha :)..

  12. I'm not really a fan of New Year's Resolutions but I like your heading, Resolutions, Anyone? If I really have to think about Resolutions, that would be to do more charity work and to develop interest in more things as I find that as I age, I tend to lose interest in many things.

  13. blessed new year. I have my long list resolutions. But I broke my first one on 1st January - craved in to supper!

  14. cyrildason: a hundred yellow ribbons! lol! well those small insignificant ones, compile them and they'll be as big as a mountain! =)

    Adi Herman: Que sereeee sereeee! that's another way to put it, accept whatever comes ahead and tackle them as they come. Happy New Year Adi!

    suituapui: Sounds good to me! Always good to be thankful, it gives every achievement more meaning and every failure more insight. Happy New Year!

    hanie: travel the world! Nice one! wish i cud do the same, but then, need to work hard to have the $$$$$$ injection.

    Hayley: Happy New Year Hayley! Wish you all the best! :)

    Ez Vina: rocking sija yoh. Haha sounds pretty exciting to me! Haha

    Twilight Anay: Daydreamers rock! Everything will be alright with coffee, cant go wrong. :-) Happy New Year to you Twilight, put your best foot forward now.

  15. Genskie: Take em as they come babe, better and more efficient that way. Happy New Year babe! :)

    Simple Person: healthy is good, else how wud u achieve the rest if ur not well? Happy new year! :)

    Rose Ragai: Thats ok, resolutions are overrated anyway. Happy New Year to you too Rose! :p

    Armstrong: Oh that can easily be achieved, get a job closer to home! :p but well, there's the advantage and disadvantage of all things anyway. Up to you to decide them. Happy New Year and have a good weekend Arms!

    stan: Hmm... :p still thinking? Lol. Just breath and enjoy the ride.

    Libby: Oh yes, more charity work... for a start, you can donate your car to me. :p Haha. Happy New Year Libby. Irregardless, I hope you have a good one this year.

    missyblurkit: Hahahah gave in on your first day of the year? LOL. that's ok dear, we cant win em all. But we're fully-satisfied loser, right? hehe. Happy new year to you!


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