Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Girl reaches 2-year milestone today ...

Technically it's more than that, but unforeseen circumstances and one or two glitches made it impossible to retain a permanent one that long, as you can read here and here...

Come what may, Coffee Girl (ze blog) has been alive and well for two whole trying years now, and boy did we astound them all! One extraordinary year after another, and here we are today... blogging about our 2-year existence. Quite the survivor, aren't we?

We did promise to blog more, to blog indiscriminately, to blog articulately, to blog uniquely me, to blog and blog on as long as we still can... And so we will uphold that promise, no matter how long it might take us to post one entry after another.

And this is a dedication to all of Coffee Girl's readers, followers, fellow bloggers aka blog-friends, and other social media enthusiasts cum peers, and not forgetting the stalkers...  

THANK YOU. I hang on because... 

You probably heard that from me before, but be assured, I mean every word. We made a great team, didn't we? So before I start feeling a little emo here, let me take a few seconds to wish myself and this blog...

You're past the point of crawling, so start running already!


  1. Impresse by the longevity of your blog. Congrats sis and hope to read more of your stuff in the nearest future.

  2. wow I did a greatest thing..
    congratulate Coffee Girl..

  3. Hey Coffee Girl..same like my blog I guess....
    congrats and happy new year.

  4. and man was i glad to hv stumble upon ur blog moons ago... tq for the frienship :)
    keep on blogging cg:) happy 2nd bday on blogosphere!!

  5. happy 2n birthday, coffee girl.. starts running eh? blog sy slows down. starts crawling. hehehe..

  6. Adi Herman: heyyy thanks for being my reader! you're always the first to comment, im sooo flattered. :-)

    Simple Person: hehehe yes you did. And I got an even greater thing! -- being congratulated by you! =) Thanks!

    with love: Thanks for dropping by! Thanks and happy new year to you too. Better keep writing dear. :)

    Ms Tikot: Yeah bebeh! :D

    Dee Loner: Yes and was I glad i followed you too! :-) Thanks! now only left us meeting face to face. *excited!*

    Fina Sophie: Thanks babe! Hows the wedding going? I better visit u to congratulate on that. Hehe

  7. it would be on 10/2/13. would u come? just trying my luck. :P

  8. Happy blog-anniversary! Keep it up!!! Cheers!!!

  9. Tahniah Coffee Girl..hope it stay forever..may i should do the same hahahaha

  10. Congrates! Happy blogging & luv yr blog ;)

  11. Congrats dear..I wish I could be an ardent blogger like you. Always love reading your blog :)

  12. Fina Sophie: falls on 1sty day of CNY? nice! i will try. why not. di mana tuh?

    Charmaine Pua: Thanks babe!

    suituapui: Thanks! :p

    Uncle Seven: Terima kasih! yes may u shd do the same haha

    Frouline: Thanks Fro. :p Love urs too!

    Dayung Rais: Hahaha u shd update more from Down Under. Thanks!


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