Sunday, December 23, 2012

The birthday cum Christmas post ...

Ignore the lame title. 

But hey, since the world didn't end when it was so called supposedly so, and since it's my blog, and forgetting the fact that this is only the second post for December, allow me to take a few minutes and a few lines to wish myself a happy birthday anniversary. 

Ok, lame again.

Here celebrating ze besday at Tony Roma's with the best ribeye steak this side of the universe. Coffee Girl (the person behind the name, not the blog) is a year older yesterday on 22.12.12. Apparently the world didn't end, so ...

 The birthday dinner...

The point is I'm right now struggling to post an entry using my SGS3 for the first time and I can't deny how annoyed I am with touchscreens. But that's my problem, not the phone's.

Anyway before i lose all patience and sweetness, to all those celebrating the Yultide, here's wishing you all:

A happy merry blessed Christmas! 

 Behind one of the biggest snow birdcage ...


  1. Happy birthday n merry christmas. Shopping bogo2 eh yoh.

  2. Happy birthday and merry christmas sis! Hey wait for my latest blog post this coming 25th December...dedicated to you, coffegirl! Haha...sort of...

  3. Ez Vina: thank you dayung! :-) samah oto odi shopping juh!

    Adi Herman: Thank you matey! and altho u lom post gik, aku advancekan thank you juak... :p (sik sabar nunggu post eh...) hehe

  4. Huiksss. KL? ehehhee Happy bday gorgeous! Glad that u really had fun there.

  5. happy birthday and merry christmas and happy new year to u! <3

  6. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

  7. Mizz Coki: Hehe yes. thanks! I did! it was well, KL ba, what else is there to do but shop.

    Intuition: thakns you! :p thanks for dropping by! =)

    missyblurkit: Thanks! same to you!

  8. tony romas always have the best steak ever! :D i love it

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